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Friday nights alright for craigslistin’

29 Jun

Everything is insanely overpriced on Craigslist right now. Sorry, folks. I don’t watch Mad Men, but I’m pretty sure it’s making everything more expensive for us all.

A valet with a dog’s face coming out of it! $20.00 in Citrus Heights.

$2100 Hans Wegner dining table with four chairs. Noice – this is almost a great price to own.

$400.00 big ol’ set in West Sacramento.

Plycraft knock-off browny browner for $400.00 in Lincoln.

$25.00 lil’ lamp in Folsom. Eh, next to a pretty radical clamtastic piece of art, there..

YA LIKE PROJECTS? Well here’s one – $250.00 for this Heywood Wakefield hutch and dining set. $250.00 for the hutch.

$300.00 for the table set with.. only three chairs? Enjoy the hunt and the restore, brah.

Yay, another one of these silly things. This one is $50.00. Watch out for CAPS OVERLOAD.

Paul Evans cubist/brutalist Lane set for $1750.00. This is a pretty sought after set, nice to see all the pieces together. Love the nightstands :D

Ice chippy gray dinette set in Elk Grove for $175.00

Apparently Craigslist is the new New York auction house. $900.00 credenza in Vacaville.

Drexel nightstands, $300.00 in Sacramento. Need a refinish – really? $300?

$800.00 Kopenhaven freedstanding shelving unit in Roseville.

Oh herro!

27 Jun

50.00 Sacramento
Little brass feets.

250.00 Sacramento
I think this is a reduced price. Not really sure but I thought I saw this thing for a higher price last week. EGAH. This is my life. Knowing vaguely if furniture posts on craigslist have gone up or down.

250.00 Elk Grove
Price has dropped! This thing is awesome!

85.00 Sacramento
Eggy chair has a nice metal tulip base.

3100.00 Folsom
O_O That price is steep but the set looks so wonderful.

120.00 Noe Valley

65.00 San Francisco
I threw this guy in here because of that neat brass base.

65.00 Grass Valley
Those legs are interesting.

125.00 Elk Grove
Small little tanker might look adorable in a kids room!

Happy Belated Birthday, Charles Eames!

27 Jun

Late on the draw as usual, we forgot to make note of Charles Eames’ would-be 105th birthday. Here are some Eames-related and Eames-inspired buyables — his design and forward-thinking ingenuity still very much alive, kicking, and walloping us in the jaw today.

Vintage Herman Miller Eames bright blue upholstered fiberglass arm chair $275.00 on Etsy

Retro Art, Eames poster, Retro office poster, Mid century modern, Motivational poster print “dont forget to relax”

3 Mid Century poster eames chair art print for home illustration typography, $49.00 on Etsy

Eames House Bird by Vitra, Lumens $230.00

Eames Jacks on Ebay, $48.00 with one day left!

Vintage Eames Hang IT All Hat Coat Rack, $79.00 in Ebay with one day left!

Happy Monday.

26 Jun

Good morrow, folks. Here’s my finds this Monday morning!

Danish Lamp for $100 in Roseville. Looks like a creepy crawly. That lampshade gotta go, too.

1950’s stool for $45 in Citrus Heights.

Teak lil’ side table for $80.00 in Vacaville.

Lane coffee table for $80-buckeroos! Here in Sacramento.

Floating teak end tables to be hung on yo’ bedside, $125.00 for the pair here in Sac.

ERMAHGERSH! Ridiculous kids bedroom set for $300.00 in Elk Grove. Gimme that dispenser in the background, too!!

Wowzers. $850.00 bedroom set in Fair Oaks. Nothin’ fair about that price in comparison to my budget for beautiful bedroom furniture..

I can’t tell if the poor sucker needs love or if the white balance is off in the photo. Anyhow, $125.00 in Woodland.

Adorable! $400.00 for this rad buffet in Elk Grove.


22 Jun

15.00 Sacramento
I want to pinch these tables facial cheeks and call em’ pudding.

95.00 Woodland

80.00 Sacramento
I dont think this is really vintage but it does got some nice grain to it and a simple shape.

375.00 Sacramento

220.00 Sacramento
A perfect little table for two.

150.00 Sacramento
This rug has good color to it.

I am in love with slabs.

Beautiful Black Walnut Slabs For Sale by owner.
Unfinished / Raw Edge / Natural /
1” Slabs are 53” X 23” Sold at $100 ea.
4” Slabs are 32” X 96” Sold at $500 ea
Burl Cuts available Sold at $275 ea
Contact JDub at Ivy Green Mills

Bay Area treats

21 Jun

600.00 Teak Credenza in San Francisco

80.00 Mission
Stumpy tapered legs.

1100.00 Alameda
I am getting the impression that that price includes both pieces.

35.00 Oakland Lake Merritt
Little guys.

150.00 San Jose
Dinning in outer space!

70.00 Oakland West
Needs cushions.

60.00 Antioch
This guy extends out so long! It’s like a flying brass eagle.

3500.00 Hans Wegner Buffet Mission

65.00 Ingle Side
Seller states it is Guatemalan, and if you have never poked through some Guatemalan textiles I really encourage you to do so. They are boooootiful and they would look really good with your Midcentury furniture.

Two Westnofa chairs 350.00 each in Hercules
I feel like I just typed out Mississippi three times fast.
My brain is breaking.

250.00 Mission District
Man, I dont know nothing about no San Francisco, but there is a lot of Mid Century gems being sold outta the mission district, and it makes me think there are some really stylish people living there.

80.00 Marina
OH MY GOSH. I am dying. I want this thing so bad! It would be perfect for me to store all my crafty junk, and the husband’s files in. Look at the storage at the top! Also, it appears to have that amazing green color. Geeze. Hurry Mimomito friend that likes possible historical junk….go get this guy!

Alexander Girard Exhibit at Herman Miller /Neocon 2012

20 Jun

I just had to share these photos from Apartment Therapy of a few Alexander Girard textiles.

Alexander Girard was the Director of Design for Herman Miller’s textile division from 1952 through 1973 and the exhibit includes pieces from throughout his tenure. From toys to tablecloths, his singular vision shines through.

Read Apartment Therapy article >>

Wednesdays for the gittin’

20 Jun

Shell fiberglass chairs for $50.00 in Tracy.

Super menacing Eames chair knock-off. No price.. be afraid. be very afraid. For sale in Manteca

I’d rather pay $30, but thems the breaks. $75.00 in Stockton for tiny blue chair

If you haven’t sat in one of these silly lounge chairs – DO IT. They bounce and swivel and are just a delight. This one is $150.00 in Oroville

The newer side of Danish, but it’s only $50! located in Carmichael.

Bedframe with head and foot board, $159.00 here in Sacramento.

Another cheapy teaky. $50.00 or best offer in Fair Oaks

This seller has two Westnofa chairs, $450.00 and under in Citrus Heights. These are amazing feeling, not so great looking.

This “heavy mofo” is $80.00 in Downtown Sac.

$50.00 Lane table in Redding with lower drawer

$75.00 Dinette set with 4 chairs. What the heck – why is this so cheap!?

From here and there

19 Jun

40.00 Orangevale
A lil rough. Needs some refinishing.

25.00 Hayward
That lil’ white top!

65.00 Santa Rosa

100.00 Stockton

85.00 Sacramento
Bean table!

450.00 Morgan Hill
It’s like a bunch of sphegetti!

225.00 Fremont
All those drawers!

600.00 San Franciso
Oh orange!

300.00 Truckee
Come’s with vanity, nighstands, mirror, and those amazing feet.

Gettin’ it.

18 Jun

$500.00 in Elk Grove. Do want. So weird.

D’oh! Two $15 Pan Am Eames bags! LOOK AT THE ZIPPER PULLS!

Delightfully NOT wicker, but leather strapping cantilever chairs. $125.00 in Elk Grove.

That’s.. a lot of patio furniture. $200 takes it, in Roseville.

Two nightstands, $60? Woodland.

Good god more MEEERSMEEN! $75.00 in Antelope.

Sure, why not. Bust your babies’ heads open. $100.00 in Folsom.

Needs a refinish, but it’s only $55!

LAMINATE EXTRAVAGANZAAA! $180.00 in Carmichael.

I’m sorry, but this is $10 and HILARIOUS.

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