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Middle of the week.

12 Jun

100.00 Sacramento
It’s like the little chair version of that rad green love seat!

1700.00 Sacramento
Ugh. I can’t even look at you. It burns my eyes cuz you so bootiful.

Make an offer in Sacramento

24.00 Citrus Heights
I dunno what is up with this chair. I dunno know where he came from, how old is, none of it. All I know is he looks neat and is cheap.

40.00 Rocklin
Ya know I gotta throw in that burl wood.

30.00 Sacramento
A cheap dude with decent bones. Maybe a decent little starter for a young first time furniture buyer.

285.00 Rocklin
Six chairs that seller is willing to part out…so if you’re in need of a whole set mimomito friend-SWOOP!

350.00 Roseville
Doop dop a ditty dot dooo …doo (ha)

200.00 Placerville
Neat little tulip like tables with a marble top!

350.00 Hayward
Such a neat dresser for a very reasonable bay area price.

200.00 Berkeley
EEk. A lil’ beat.

61.00 Sacramento
This picture so small I can’t see nuffin.

600.00 San Francisco

125.00 Lodi
It’s interesting.

165.00 Sacramento

60.00 Vacaville

60.00 Vacaville
Looks like it’s from the same seller that has those brass tables. This guy knows what I am about!

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