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Gettin’ it.

18 Jun

$500.00 in Elk Grove. Do want. So weird.

D’oh! Two $15 Pan Am Eames bags! LOOK AT THE ZIPPER PULLS!

Delightfully NOT wicker, but leather strapping cantilever chairs. $125.00 in Elk Grove.

That’s.. a lot of patio furniture. $200 takes it, in Roseville.

Two nightstands, $60? Woodland.

Good god more MEEERSMEEN! $75.00 in Antelope.

Sure, why not. Bust your babies’ heads open. $100.00 in Folsom.

Needs a refinish, but it’s only $55!

LAMINATE EXTRAVAGANZAAA! $180.00 in Carmichael.

I’m sorry, but this is $10 and HILARIOUS.

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