Wednesdays for the gittin’

20 Jun

Shell fiberglass chairs for $50.00 in Tracy.

Super menacing Eames chair knock-off. No price.. be afraid. be very afraid. For sale in Manteca

I’d rather pay $30, but thems the breaks. $75.00 in Stockton for tiny blue chair

If you haven’t sat in one of these silly lounge chairs – DO IT. They bounce and swivel and are just a delight. This one is $150.00 in Oroville

The newer side of Danish, but it’s only $50! located in Carmichael.

Bedframe with head and foot board, $159.00 here in Sacramento.

Another cheapy teaky. $50.00 or best offer in Fair Oaks

This seller has two Westnofa chairs, $450.00 and under in Citrus Heights. These are amazing feeling, not so great looking.

This “heavy mofo” is $80.00 in Downtown Sac.

$50.00 Lane table in Redding with lower drawer

$75.00 Dinette set with 4 chairs. What the heck – why is this so cheap!?

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