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Bay Area treats

21 Jun

600.00 Teak Credenza in San Francisco

80.00 Mission
Stumpy tapered legs.

1100.00 Alameda
I am getting the impression that that price includes both pieces.

35.00 Oakland Lake Merritt
Little guys.

150.00 San Jose
Dinning in outer space!

70.00 Oakland West
Needs cushions.

60.00 Antioch
This guy extends out so long! It’s like a flying brass eagle.

3500.00 Hans Wegner Buffet Mission

65.00 Ingle Side
Seller states it is Guatemalan, and if you have never poked through some Guatemalan textiles I really encourage you to do so. They are boooootiful and they would look really good with your Midcentury furniture.

Two Westnofa chairs 350.00 each in Hercules
I feel like I just typed out Mississippi three times fast.
My brain is breaking.

250.00 Mission District
Man, I dont know nothing about no San Francisco, but there is a lot of Mid Century gems being sold outta the mission district, and it makes me think there are some really stylish people living there.

80.00 Marina
OH MY GOSH. I am dying. I want this thing so bad! It would be perfect for me to store all my crafty junk, and the husband’s files in. Look at the storage at the top! Also, it appears to have that amazing green color. Geeze. Hurry Mimomito friend that likes possible historical junk….go get this guy!

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