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Happy Monday.

26 Jun

Good morrow, folks. Here’s my finds this Monday morning!

Danish Lamp for $100 in Roseville. Looks like a creepy crawly. That lampshade gotta go, too.

1950’s stool for $45 in Citrus Heights.

Teak lil’ side table for $80.00 in Vacaville.

Lane coffee table for $80-buckeroos! Here in Sacramento.

Floating teak end tables to be hung on yo’ bedside, $125.00 for the pair here in Sac.

ERMAHGERSH! Ridiculous kids bedroom set for $300.00 in Elk Grove. Gimme that dispenser in the background, too!!

Wowzers. $850.00 bedroom set in Fair Oaks. Nothin’ fair about that price in comparison to my budget for beautiful bedroom furniture..

I can’t tell if the poor sucker needs love or if the white balance is off in the photo. Anyhow, $125.00 in Woodland.

Adorable! $400.00 for this rad buffet in Elk Grove.

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