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An amazing couch

13 Jun

425.00 Benton City
It’s all the way in Washington, in some city I aint even heard of.

Middle of the week.

12 Jun

100.00 Sacramento
It’s like the little chair version of that rad green love seat!

1700.00 Sacramento
Ugh. I can’t even look at you. It burns my eyes cuz you so bootiful.

Make an offer in Sacramento

24.00 Citrus Heights
I dunno what is up with this chair. I dunno know where he came from, how old is, none of it. All I know is he looks neat and is cheap.

40.00 Rocklin
Ya know I gotta throw in that burl wood.

30.00 Sacramento
A cheap dude with decent bones. Maybe a decent little starter for a young first time furniture buyer.

285.00 Rocklin
Six chairs that seller is willing to part out…so if you’re in need of a whole set mimomito friend-SWOOP!

350.00 Roseville
Doop dop a ditty dot dooo …doo (ha)

200.00 Placerville
Neat little tulip like tables with a marble top!

350.00 Hayward
Such a neat dresser for a very reasonable bay area price.

200.00 Berkeley
EEk. A lil’ beat.

61.00 Sacramento
This picture so small I can’t see nuffin.

600.00 San Francisco

125.00 Lodi
It’s interesting.

165.00 Sacramento

60.00 Vacaville

60.00 Vacaville
Looks like it’s from the same seller that has those brass tables. This guy knows what I am about!

Craigslist Scavenger

7 Jun

150.00 Hayward
Words cannot describe how boss these chairs look in person. The chrome, the wood, so daper.

150.00 Sacramento
This guy has such a neat pattern on the top and interesting legs.

40.00 Nevada City
Cheap little table that is hopefull solid wood!

40.00 Sacramento
Putting old timey portraits of people you do not know is a pretty neat idur.

350.00 Chico
I really wish I could go swoop this set up…alas no truck!

100.00 Sacramento

25.00 San Franciso
An interesting little stool in leather and wood.

Canopy lounge for our pet friends!

6 Jun

550.00 Holy smokes. I aint never seen a cat bed look this good before.

These neat lookin’ beds come in different colors and in rad vintage fabric!

They look so good!

Never too early for christmas

5 Jun

Silver Christmas tree. Best offer

Lunch Break

4 Jun

85.00 Roseville
350.00 Sacramento
40.00 San Rafael
That green is neat.

79.00 West Sacramento
Totally not a 60’s sweet heart but can do if you want it to.

35.00 Willow Glen
It’s a lil rough but that man that price is nice.

300.00 SF
Those legs!!!

40.00 Sacramento
Super neat swivel brass table!

40.00 Orangevale

60.00 Roseville
Looks comfortable.

Monday sopping wet

4 Jun

This weather is complete bollocks. In other news, yay! Furniture!

$75.00 headboard – looks clean!

$10.00 chair in Curtis Park

Pretty surfboard lip two tier table for $175.00 in Tahoe Park

One awful picture – two seemingly awesome pieces. $150.00

Teeny lil’ tanker! $40 in East Sac

A friggin’ steal for such a nice set with four chairs, $150.00 in Land Park

Turquoise outdoor table, $40.00 in the Pocket

$60.00 patio circle chair. I wish it was a pair!

$150.00 table with extension leaves and adorable red diamond pattern here in midtown.

Only $200.00 for this round mattress – now if only it rotated.

$65.00 Cost Plus chair in Rocklin

$150.00 Heywood Wakefield desk!

$200.00 wide hutch in Davis

I hate EVERYTHING about this set (including the price, $175.00) except the red of the fabric.

Oh yay. Friday!!!

1 Jun

Quick lil’ post for your end of the day break.
60.00 Natomas

75.00 Rocklin

300.00 Sacramento

100.00 Auburn

60.00 Carmicheal

80.00 Sacramento
Brought down to 80 buckerooooos.

800.00 Natuzzi Orange couch
Seller also has some really great stuff in the post for sale. That couch is really really sweet!

Set for 100.00 Rancho Cardova

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