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Today is my Friday.

18 Jul


325.00 Sacramento
Looks so very shiny and new.

FREEEEEE El Dorado Hills
Definetly needs a pick me up but so so free!

50.00 Lincoln
Huge gold mirror for you to look at yourself.

200.00 Davis
It’s got a nice simple shape and the color of that wood looks delicious.

50.00 Sacramento
Arm rests!

95.00 Sacramento

600.00 Yuba
Din din set for the greek gods.

Homes, Sweet Homes: Toni Okamoto

14 Jul

Who was nice enough to let us feature their home: Yours truly,  Ms. Toni Okamoto. I’m selling my darling home to make a move to the bay area, so I thought I’d show you guys what it looks like in case it sells.

What they told us about the home: It’s probably the cutest 1951, 833 sq ft tract home you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s a 2 bedroom/ 1 bathroom with original hardwood floors, original light fixtures and the previous owners (who had been there since 1964) left me the original metal cabinets as extra garage storage.

Where is the home located: Mangan Park, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved it: Built in 1951 and I moved in July 2010.

Why they chose this home: I started saving to buy a house when I was 22 years old and it took me about eight months to find anything that was more than half way decent. When you have a low budget it is extremely competitive because of investors. I found myself looking at places that were more like fun houses than homes, they had strange add-ons, unfinished rooms … I even went to a house that had a bathroom that was so skinny I had to turn side ways to get into.

When I found this house it was love at first sight. It had been on the market for one day and I put my bid in immediately. There were several other offers, but because of my Japanese last name and the family’s strong desire to keep the home in Japanese hands, they gave it to me. Here are a few photos of the previous family in the home:

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What attracted you to MCM design? My fondness of 1950′s life began as a child. My dad had an awesome pompadour, both of my parents were into doo wop music and our first family vehicle was a black 1953 Chevy.  However, it wasn’t until I met my dear friend Gretchen (who has the most awesome home, by the way) that I really began to appreciate Mid-Century Modern design – in all regards.

Favorite designers and influences in design?

Of course I love all of the big names in mid century modern design, but I think it’s more important to name some of the people who are doing awesome local stuff: Brian Schmitt and his awesome clocks and mobiles, and Two Accordions and their totally awesome quilts are some of my current favorites. If I could afford either of them, I’d hoard all of their stuff.

How do you feel about reproductions?

Personally, I don’t own any reproduction furniture. I find that often times it’s actually a lot more expensive than buying authentic MCM pieces and I take pride in knowing that nothing in my house has cost more than $200 bucks (the credenza). Also, a couple years ago I made a New Year’s Resolution to not purchase any new material goods (with the exception of hygienic purposes and household supplies) and I have stuck to it. Of course it’s a lot easier for me since I’m in the business of resale, but it has saved me a lot of money and has given me piece of mind that I’m trying my best not to contribute to poor labor practices and landfill waste.

Furniture wise, what do you think you should invest in?

Everything in your kitchen. For me, the kitchen is the place of gathering and quality time with friends and family. I love preparing good meals with good quality cookware and then sharing it with my loved ones on my beautiful kitchen table.

What are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

I buy most of my stuff from estate sales or thrift stores, but when I’m looking for something particular I head to Scout Living or check out David and Rebecca’s stuff at Atomic Fantasy Vintage.

Best finds? From where?

Gosh, this is a tough one because I’m one thrifty mofo. To me, my kitchen table is priceless. I picked it up in Stockton, CA for $125 and it’s a 1950’s formica dinette in original, pristine condition. Second would have to be my sofa. I bought two sofas from the same owner on CList for $350 and then sold one of them for $300, making it only $50 bucks

Greatest achievement in your home? Biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge is making your home exactly the way you want it. Having done this feature for the past couple years, I’ve found that people always say, “my house isn’t ready”, whether they’ve been there for six months or ten years. I’ve been in my home for two years and I’m constantly switching things around. I’ve gone through two dressers, three sofas, two kitchen tables, etc and I’m barely achieving  the vision that lives in my head.

Future projects?

Well, this is kind of a sad question because I’m moving. I love my home so much, but I need to satisfy my need for exploration and adventure while I’m still able.

Home inspiration recommendations?

This feature on our blog has inspired me in so many ways. The people we’ve met are so creative and wonderful, that I’m constantly being inspired.


You don’t need to live in a 1959 time-capsule.

Through this feauture, I’ve been able to see so many houses that incorporate modern design, as well as highlight the owner’s personality and other interests. I know it doesn’t look like I follow my own advice, but if you knew me it would show that my 1950’s styled house actually does represent my style:)

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

Set of 6 Murphy.. Mil — you’re in the shot, Mr. Wiggles!

13 Jul

I can’t express how happy this Craigslist ad makes me.

Set of 6 Vintage Murphy Miller chairs for your MidMod dining or conference room. Built in Owensboro, KY, they are in awesome, vintage, totally functional sturdy shape. Made of danish style wood, stainless tapered front legs, and naugahyde that is in perfect condition. $300.00 for all 6 chairs.

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Facebook friends finds

11 Jul

$20.00 tulip chair, looks like a Burke! Nice find, Angela!

And these two neat little chairs come by way of Kat’s eagle eyes! $15 each, for the couch and side chair.

Thanks so much for sharing your finds with us. Join the party and like us on facebook!

Stuff for you!

11 Jul

100.00 Serene Lakes

125.00 Spanish Springs

50.00 Gardenville

100.00 in Merced
I can’t seem to shake you coffee table.

100.00 Loomis
Those drawer handles!

75.00 Roseville
I dunno about this being midcentury…nope. Dont think so but it’s cute enough!

50.00 Sacramento
They fold.

125.00 Orangevale
This couch is big and bay bay blue.

50.00 Modesto
Seller states that the chairs are fiberglass. I wonder if you could take them off this confusing table and get that modernica rocking chair base?

15.00 Davis
That pink! Egah. It looks like a pile of pig!

10.00 Shingle Springs
For my fellow short persons!

40.00 Sacramento
Huge ol’ desk. Being huge.

40.00 Benicia
I bet this chair has had many a velour sweat suits draped over him.

60.00 Citrus Heights.
Not midcentury but it might look good in a mid mod furnished place? Hm? HM?

60.00 Landpark
I can never tell if these chairs are those nice comfortable midcentury lounge or if they are some costco “executive” chairs. Sorry guys. I just dont get it.

40.00 Anderson

Sleepy monday

9 Jul

I’ve been up since 5 in the morning. I can’t explain why. I just was. I am so sleepy and do not have very much to say…BUT here is some stuff for the bay area folk.
50.00 Hercules

325.00 Concord
The folks at Scout Living just furnished and designed a really cool looking recording studio with these desks. They looked really amazing in the space!

100.00 Paul Mccobb side Table San Bruno

75.00 Sausalito

27.00 Mission
A lil rough around the edges…but still seem like they got potential.

80.00 San Jose

75.00 Concord
Adjustable stool!

50.00 San Jose

70.00 Hayward

60.00 Santa Cruz

Various Prices in the Mission

$$$$ Redding
Seller is getting rid of a lot his collection. There aren’t any prices listed in the post but may be worth a gander cuz it all looks wonderful.

Free-day: Almost the weekend; almost to freedom.

6 Jul

$40.00 in Benicia. Doesn’t really look like much, maybe it’s nicer in person. UNLIKE ME :(

$125.00 for the pair. Finally, a good price for two Lane end tables! In Roseville.

Trippy photos, but really cool stools. $100.00 each.

$175.00 for this ballsy lamp here in Midtown.

$300.00 credenza with wacky pedestal.

$250.00 fireplace from a mid century home! This is a really good deal, y’all.

$40.00 task chairfor yer sittin’ pleasure.

$2990.00 Knoll Tulip chairs — oh yeah, that’s no typo.

$600.00 mid century couch frame needs cushions – and honestly, that’s where it gets REAL expensive – so this is not much of a deal perhaps.

$125.00 in Midtown. Says it’s in great shape!

$330.00 COUCH AND LOVE SEAT! SORRY PURISTS (Hi J. Wood!), THIS THING IS FAAABULOUS. I just do NOT want to know what it smells or feels like.

2nd Monday of the week

5 Jul

Dining set, $549.00

End tables, $75.00 and the lamps are also for sale for $50.00!

Two teak cantilevered bentwood chairs, $350.00 for the pair.

$200.00 Eames style lounger. Apparently needs some help.

$80.00 GIGANTOR teak unit. New, probably 90s, but cheap! Located in West Roseville.

$350.00 Heywood Wakefield adorable little hutch in Stockton.

BOATZ! $20.00

I really like the style of this chrome dinette set. $100.00 here in Sacramento.

$200.00 for set of chairs and a somewaht ugly laminate table that goes with ’em.

Welcome back to the work week

2 Jul

100.00 Sacramento
Looks like this dude was a part of a sectional at one time.

500.00 Reno

75.00 Sacramento
THANK GOODNESS! A price that does not have 2-3-4 zeros in it.

45.00 Arden

200.00 Colfax
This thing is going to change into a truck!

300.00 Modesto

100.00 Sacramento
I love you brass table.

1100.00 Gold River

Video files for videophiles

1 Jul









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