Free-day: Almost the weekend; almost to freedom.

6 Jul

$40.00 in Benicia. Doesn’t really look like much, maybe it’s nicer in person. UNLIKE ME :(

$125.00 for the pair. Finally, a good price for two Lane end tables! In Roseville.

Trippy photos, but really cool stools. $100.00 each.

$175.00 for this ballsy lamp here in Midtown.

$300.00 credenza with wacky pedestal.

$250.00 fireplace from a mid century home! This is a really good deal, y’all.

$40.00 task chairfor yer sittin’ pleasure.

$2990.00 Knoll Tulip chairs — oh yeah, that’s no typo.

$600.00 mid century couch frame needs cushions – and honestly, that’s where it gets REAL expensive – so this is not much of a deal perhaps.

$125.00 in Midtown. Says it’s in great shape!

$330.00 COUCH AND LOVE SEAT! SORRY PURISTS (Hi J. Wood!), THIS THING IS FAAABULOUS. I just do NOT want to know what it smells or feels like.

One Response to “Free-day: Almost the weekend; almost to freedom.”

  1. Rose July 6, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

    AH! If only that couch was a rust color!

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