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Sleepy monday

9 Jul

I’ve been up since 5 in the morning. I can’t explain why. I just was. I am so sleepy and do not have very much to say…BUT here is some stuff for the bay area folk.
50.00 Hercules

325.00 Concord
The folks at Scout Living just furnished and designed a really cool looking recording studio with these desks. They looked really amazing in the space!

100.00 Paul Mccobb side Table San Bruno

75.00 Sausalito

27.00 Mission
A lil rough around the edges…but still seem like they got potential.

80.00 San Jose

75.00 Concord
Adjustable stool!

50.00 San Jose

70.00 Hayward

60.00 Santa Cruz

Various Prices in the Mission

$$$$ Redding
Seller is getting rid of a lot his collection. There aren’t any prices listed in the post but may be worth a gander cuz it all looks wonderful.

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