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Labor Day yard sale!

31 Aug

Found this sale listed on Craigslist – we always love to find great stuff tagged with “mimomito” y’all, so keep it up! Unfortunately, I’ll be out of town Labor Day Weekend and can’t buy out this entire sale and pet that kitty peering out the window there, boohoo. But y’all can! Here’s the “sweet deets:”

Monday, September 3rd
Labor Day Mid-Century Modern Sale
9am – 3pm

Steelcase Office Chairs $20 each
Double-sided Library Book Cart $100
Lane Perception end tables $150 for the pair
Lounge Chair $50
Desk by B.P. John (Portland, OR) $200
Hexagonal end tables $40 for the pair
Set of six Kosuga dinning chairs and table with 2 leaves that need refinishing $80
Plus other vintage items

6019 Rowan Way, Citrus Heights
(Original Post and more photos)

News of the day

31 Aug

$800.00 for this (looks like possibly Kroehler?) seating set in Davis. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.




I can’t stop it from cooommiiin’!

30 Aug

Like pink and black? Of course you don’t, you’re a sensible human being! But if you’re not, and you love the color of driftwood on your kitchen table paired with porky pig pink chairs, this $1,600 kitchen set is for YOU! $1650.00 in Oroville

Kind of looks good.. kind of is too asian-inspired now. $300 in Citrus Heights

Round and ROUND we go! Florally green sectional madness! $500.00 in Midtown

$75.00 end table in Walnut Crik’

$75.00 teak table with extension leaves. Catch it before it takes flight! In Sunnyvale.

I don’t care the cost – I love you and I want you in my house. In North Oakland, make an offer.

Soooo.. these are $50. But honestly, the wood backs are incredible. Even though it appears they’ve been used for pitbull tea parties for the past decade. Located in South Natomas.

What a cuuuutie. $80.00 in Napa.

Rose looooves burl tables.. so heres one for $75.00 in Grass Valley

$80.00 highboy in lil’ old Woodland.

$50.00 glooooobbbb.

Executive desk and credenza for $600.00 for da pair.

Get ready to pull out your scoff cloth. This delightful set is asking… $2150.00

Completely incredible lamp — but $795.00. Wowzers.

SWANK, my man. $300.00 bar set in East Sacramento. And I spot a ‘circle of sound’ speaker up ontop!

And last but not least — anybody want a SODA BAR? Only $1,000 in Truckee :) to realized your malt shop/soda jerk dreeeeammm…

Thizzface Thursday finds

30 Aug

SHAZAAAM! $125.00 settee in Emeryville! Real vintage or new junk? Can’t tell :U

Don’t care much for the table, but the chairs could be good lookin’ if used right! $100.00 for 4 chairs in Berkeley.

I shall call you — Little Pinky Goodform. $45.00 in Hayward.

Aaaaand.. here’s a cute train set for $125 in Carmichael :)

BLAH! This would be so so easy to make! Someone remind me to do a Git’R’Done of this planter box. Otherwise you can shell out $43.00 for this one in SF!

Wednesday wanderings of the Craigslist

29 Aug

D’OH! Pickup already pending? But it’s so beautiful, I want it for absolutely no reason. This was in Shingle Springs for $50 and we ALL missed it :(

Folding rocking aluminum chair! Imagine all the luxuuuurious camping one could do! $68.00

A nice complete wall unit for $375.00 in Carmichael!

$150.00 long n’ low coffee table.

Sacramento mid week finds

21 Aug

50.00 Sacramento
It’s a lamp from outer space.

100.00 Sacramento
Maybe you want to mix things up…I DUNNO.

150.00 for BOSS CHAIR in Manteca
I feel like these chairs are looking down on us guys.

22.00 Davis
Ah swivel swivel table in brass.

1500.00 Sacramento
Oh you fancy huh dresser.

100.00 Fairfield
It has paper storage! I never realized how important such a thing was until I had to store a bunch of papers.

90.00 Jackson
I have one of these and I love it. You can stack these file cabinets, or spread them through out the house.

250.00 Sacramennno Sacramennnno
Still classy.

550.00 Sacramento
Does not come with snacks.

900.00 Sacramento
I tried to convince my husband to let me buy this. He said no.
BUH. It’s like being in space, and it’s see through, orange, and brassy. ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS.

250.00 Lincoln
Finding tall Mid-century bookcases is hard, here is one for the picking guys!




Oh happy happy score score

20 Aug

Yeah thass right mimomito, I got myself a gift. A anniversary gift.
Two years ago I married some artsy design savvy guy and it was the best thing I could do for myself.
Because not only is he all those things you want in a companion for life, he is also great at picking out gifts!

MMM. Yeaaaaah check out that gold teefs, skully goodness.
I’ve wanted it for a little over a year now. It covers almost all of my interest, grills, animals, desert stuff, supporting young artisans.
Anyways I am happy. Oh so very happy! Also peep all that other different stuff going on.
We moved. I don’t live in a dungeon anymore. There’s light, windows, and I can twirl around with my arms out.
Maybe now I can keep all those poor innocent plants that are photographed here alive. Fingers crossed.

Case of the Mondays

20 Aug

Oh hey, it is me! I am alive! We kinda took a vacation but we IZ back!

50.00 Sacramento
Ah red chair. Needs some work.
175.00 Sacramento
Man! That table set up is something wonderful! All teak like with interesting glass! Good jorb seller!
449.00 Sacramento
This set also comes with a hutch!
399.00 Sacramento
I dunno what is going on with these cushions. Seller only has a picture of four of them. In any case the cushions that are there look like they may need to be reupholstered.
260.00 Sacramento
0_0 Imagine these guys floating above your head in a big open midcentury gem! HEAVEN.
450.00 Tahoe
I do not mind the green on these chairs one bit!
Make an offer Sacramento
Oh geeze! I love big ol slabs of wood thrown into a room!
125.00 Sacramento
Nice little price for this local highboy.
90.00 Grass Valley
This picture makes it a lil hard to understand what this table looks like. BAH.
150.00 Loomis
Nesting tables seem like one of the most convenient and lovely things to have around when hosting a party.
400.00 Sacramento
I love that some Danish tables have that tile in the center. The tile is usually a earthy tone, and a very interesting pattern, also doesnt hurt that hot plates can go on top of them with no problems.
1900.00 Sacramento
Ah snap! DANG! Gee! This is a heavy price, but man oh man this sofa got a whole lotta class.
It is in my coveted burnt like orange too. One day I will own you beloved orange sofa! One day.

250.00 Sacramento
This is for some of you shop owner folk who may read mimomito…or really anyone else who enjoys big brassy glass furniture.

500.00 Twaineharte
Comes with the night stands too.

A sprinklin’

16 Aug

DO WANT. Brass pole lamp for $95.

Completely overpriced, but woodgrain madness. $350.00 for the set.

A modestly priced repro for $200.00!





14 Aug

Military folding desk for $600.00 in S. Land Park.

Weird wacky 40’s chair – something I think you’d see in Bladerunner. I have no idea why I think that. $35.00 in Land Park.

INSANE CHEESY LUCITE LAMP. What!? A flying cheeseball? Of course I want that! $200 friggin’ dollars in Grass Valley.

Colormate desk for $83.00

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