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Sacramento mid week finds

21 Aug

50.00 Sacramento
It’s a lamp from outer space.

100.00 Sacramento
Maybe you want to mix things up…I DUNNO.

150.00 for BOSS CHAIR in Manteca
I feel like these chairs are looking down on us guys.

22.00 Davis
Ah swivel swivel table in brass.

1500.00 Sacramento
Oh you fancy huh dresser.

100.00 Fairfield
It has paper storage! I never realized how important such a thing was until I had to store a bunch of papers.

90.00 Jackson
I have one of these and I love it. You can stack these file cabinets, or spread them through out the house.

250.00 Sacramennno Sacramennnno
Still classy.

550.00 Sacramento
Does not come with snacks.

900.00 Sacramento
I tried to convince my husband to let me buy this. He said no.
BUH. It’s like being in space, and it’s see through, orange, and brassy. ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS.

250.00 Lincoln
Finding tall Mid-century bookcases is hard, here is one for the picking guys!




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