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I can’t stop it from cooommiiin’!

30 Aug

Like pink and black? Of course you don’t, you’re a sensible human being! But if you’re not, and you love the color of driftwood on your kitchen table paired with porky pig pink chairs, this $1,600 kitchen set is for YOU! $1650.00 in Oroville

Kind of looks good.. kind of is too asian-inspired now. $300 in Citrus Heights

Round and ROUND we go! Florally green sectional madness! $500.00 in Midtown

$75.00 end table in Walnut Crik’

$75.00 teak table with extension leaves. Catch it before it takes flight! In Sunnyvale.

I don’t care the cost – I love you and I want you in my house. In North Oakland, make an offer.

Soooo.. these are $50. But honestly, the wood backs are incredible. Even though it appears they’ve been used for pitbull tea parties for the past decade. Located in South Natomas.

What a cuuuutie. $80.00 in Napa.

Rose looooves burl tables.. so heres one for $75.00 in Grass Valley

$80.00 highboy in lil’ old Woodland.

$50.00 glooooobbbb.

Executive desk and credenza for $600.00 for da pair.

Get ready to pull out your scoff cloth. This delightful set is asking… $2150.00

Completely incredible lamp — but $795.00. Wowzers.

SWANK, my man. $300.00 bar set in East Sacramento. And I spot a ‘circle of sound’ speaker up ontop!

And last but not least — anybody want a SODA BAR? Only $1,000 in Truckee :) to realized your malt shop/soda jerk dreeeeammm…

Thizzface Thursday finds

30 Aug

SHAZAAAM! $125.00 settee in Emeryville! Real vintage or new junk? Can’t tell :U

Don’t care much for the table, but the chairs could be good lookin’ if used right! $100.00 for 4 chairs in Berkeley.

I shall call you — Little Pinky Goodform. $45.00 in Hayward.

Aaaaand.. here’s a cute train set for $125 in Carmichael :)

BLAH! This would be so so easy to make! Someone remind me to do a Git’R’Done of this planter box. Otherwise you can shell out $43.00 for this one in SF!

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