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Around the house

15 Sep

Here’s some photos of what is been going on with our spot.
First and foremost there is light! Tons of bootiful light bouncing off the walls!

Ah yeah that lived in I’ am a lazy jerk look. One thing about this place that has been hard is the organization is just not there. For normal people they can handle this and accept that there is no linen storage and then figure out a solution. Not me. Nope. I get bummed and then I let this bummer filter through the rest of the house. I allow the chaos to seep into every small and insignificant thing. Then there is chaos all over until I figure out how to get the linens stored properly. I eventually do that and then I turn from slob to clean freak.

I’ve put up new pictures. That brassy frame is something ridiculous! I love it.

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