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Around writer Rose’s house: Totally kewl and new

31 Oct

I’ve been busy switching stuff up around our place.
It’s been frustrating, annoying, and then satisfying. When we lived at old place it was a lot smaller, so filling the place up was not hard. We used a lot of wall shelving to make up for the little floor space we had. Now we have no walls and a lot of floor. Totally turned my little nest upside down. I forgot the challenge (and fun, it’s sorta fun) that goes into making a home a home. I feel like this second time around though is good. I am def more picky and a lil more concentrated, hopefully it will all turn out good.

Totally sweet and sexy funky leather couch. Yeah. I know. This might not be you guys style but trust me this thing is a blessing. Once you sit it in you feel like your butt is gonna melt into the cushions. All the trouble’s of the world seem to just melt away.

I added plants because we actually have sunlight coming in and I thought the green would help with those yacky yellow, beige walls. I really dislike the color of the walls . I wish I could kick them to the curb, put up temporary wallpaper, something! My landlord, wont let me paint cuz he says that color is what people like. I tell him he don’t know anything and all he does is own property. No good nothing, minus two cents decorator, take your yellow paint to your house….no. No. I don’t say any of that to my landlord. We are renting month to month. Also. Those are mean things to say to someone.
I am dealing with this poorly though.

Putting in some more desert. Love me some dry oasis.

CAT! CAT! Squishy face bootiful cat! A wonderful beast that has brought lots of joy to our lives. I got cat for husband on his birthday. Sent him on a scavenger hunt that included all his favorite places, and then surprised him at the end with gorgeous cat. It took dude 15 minutes to believe it was his. Anyways, we love her very much. Getting to know her better makes us love her more! She is def by far the best new addition to our home!

Hump day

31 Oct

120.00 Fair Oaks

30.00 Sacramento
I dubb this spider chair. Because it looks like a spider to me.

150.00 Sacramento
I hated having a drop leaf table growing up. My knees were always bumping up against it, and I just felt trapped in the table. They do seem like a good option now for a two person household that anticipates guests.

60.00 Antelope
Simple little dresser for a simple price.

150.00 Davis
Flying table.

50.00 Rancho Cardova
Seller states that she has two. I just recently saw an awesome baby room that Brick house blogger helped out with, using these dressers.

for more photo’s and to enter the animal print shop giveaway go here!

199.00 San Jose WOOOWEEE.

245.00 Sacramento
Have not seen too many cedar hope chest that look like this!

15.00 Rocklin
Oh gosh that dust. Bleh.

80.00 Roseville
Those drawer pulls.

100.00 Davis
With a little elbow grease this dude mayhaps shine up pretty nice.

35.00 Sacramento
The color of these lamps is amazing.

160.00 Noe Valley
This mirror has so much going on. Lucite, Reflection, and wood. Weirdest coolest looking mirror.

300.00 Citrus Heights
Comes with the coffee table and two end tables. Most likely knock offs, but def a good take home price.

65.00 Lincoln

150.00 Citrus Heights.
Could work eh?

1000.00 Sacramento

Up and at em.

24 Oct

90.00 San Francisco
Little desk for you!

Two for 60.00 Martinez
Ah yes space mate. Because they look like they are from space…and because they will help you save space. Right?

250.00 San Francisco
I love finding stuff that you use to stuff crap into.

150.00 Novato
Those colors!

1100.00 Sacramento
Has been reduced!

60.00 Merced
Small and cute.

95.00 Paper Basket
How often do you see a nice looking paper basket? Not very often!

140.00 Antelope
AH TIRUP. Say that a loud. TERRRRUPPPP.

195.00 Oakland
I just really like the way this thing looks. I am a social worker so paying nearly two hundred dollars for this lamp is just not something I can justify. So I shall just photoshop it onto an end table in my living room. I wont buy it but being able to look at in my spot, well…that should do. Should do just fine.

Community: Deco duplex for rent

22 Oct

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a recent walkabout from my 9-5 jobbyjob, I stumbled on this adorable deco duplex just off Riverside for rent. Figured I’d share it with you other retro-living enthusiasts.

A very similar exterior to the home of Artist Curtis Popp whose home we’ve featured in our Homes, Sweet Homes tours, and you can check out here!

Aaaand we’re back..

22 Oct

Ohh look at this beautiful lil’ desk! Alright, I’ll be honest, I’m selling this desk personally, but I can tell you it’s solid and pretty and you can make us an offer :) $350.00!

FUZZAWUZZLES!! $450 for two matching Herman Miller shell chairs with custom fuzz wuzz covers with original upholstery still intact underneaffz. Perfect for you hipsters :| YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT!

This thing is the cutest .. and oh man it’s got drop-leaf extension for serving. BUHHH! Would make a great part-time bar for you part-time alcoholics. $175.00 in East Sacramento.

$70 for two wrought iron patio chairs. These are not too terribly “cool,” but just imagine some bright strawberry cushions and PAZOW! C’est tasty.

These dudes are a quandary. Are they new? Old? Outdoor – indoor? Or in need of cushions? WHO KNOWS, but they have a vintage designer look to them that I like – and a price I like most. $60 for the pair!!

I have this exact same dresser in my house – but mine has a laminate top? Maybe this one doesn’t? Eh? $85.00 in Carmichael

3 is the loneliest number. $400 in Davis.

This thang pretty – and I love a vanity mirror. Mrrrooow. $600, comes with matching Kingsized headboard.

Friday night hijinx!

5 Oct

$60.00 for this CB2 desky stooly thingy. I mean, it’s just alright, but it’s also just $60. We good here?

The question is this — if saving and spending $500 on this chair is a fair trade, then.. well, that’s just fine and you’re in luck. Eames shell chair in here in Sacramenty.

Cute n’ teensy little steelcase. If you’ve somehow found a problem with the oversizedness of other steelcase desks, this lil guy should put your mind at ease! $150.00 in Davis.

ehhh.. $167.00 for someone’s woodshop endeavor. Well, I appreciate their influences. So there’s that.  :|

A little early for our tastes here at mimomito, but it’s a great deal for an entire bedroom set for $350!

Mmmm orangey good Pollock lookin’ chair from Steelcase for $95. Oh my what a cute house in the background ;D

My goodness – a pretty common 9 drawer but adorable liners in the drawers. I’d just disinfect them and use again. I’m sorry if that’s gross. $175.00 in Lincoln

70’s octagonal table  for $135.00! Smokkkey.

Dux chair for $925. That is many dollars :|

Dinette set that is somehow $595!

This thing can be used as a room divider, showy book shower, candle receptacle, or or a constant dusting irritant. Sorry guys, I’m on my 3rd beer. $175.00!

$100.00 for this insane barbershop set!! Holy green dazzling gak, Batman!

70s chandelier of globey goodness, $100.00!

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