Friday night hijinx!

5 Oct

$60.00 for this CB2 desky stooly thingy. I mean, it’s just alright, but it’s also just $60. We good here?

The question is this — if saving and spending $500 on this chair is a fair trade, then.. well, that’s just fine and you’re in luck. Eames shell chair in here in Sacramenty.

Cute n’ teensy little steelcase. If you’ve somehow found a problem with the oversizedness of other steelcase desks, this lil guy should put your mind at ease! $150.00 in Davis.

ehhh.. $167.00 for someone’s woodshop endeavor. Well, I appreciate their influences. So there’s that.  :|

A little early for our tastes here at mimomito, but it’s a great deal for an entire bedroom set for $350!

Mmmm orangey good Pollock lookin’ chair from Steelcase for $95. Oh my what a cute house in the background ;D

My goodness – a pretty common 9 drawer but adorable liners in the drawers. I’d just disinfect them and use again. I’m sorry if that’s gross. $175.00 in Lincoln

70’s octagonal table  for $135.00! Smokkkey.

Dux chair for $925. That is many dollars :|

Dinette set that is somehow $595!

This thing can be used as a room divider, showy book shower, candle receptacle, or or a constant dusting irritant. Sorry guys, I’m on my 3rd beer. $175.00!

$100.00 for this insane barbershop set!! Holy green dazzling gak, Batman!

70s chandelier of globey goodness, $100.00!

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