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Community: Deco duplex for rent

22 Oct

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On a recent walkabout from my 9-5 jobbyjob, I stumbled on this adorable deco duplex just off Riverside for rent. Figured I’d share it with you other retro-living enthusiasts.

A very similar exterior to the home of Artist Curtis Popp whose home we’ve featured in our Homes, Sweet Homes tours, and you can check out here!

Aaaand we’re back..

22 Oct

Ohh look at this beautiful lil’ desk! Alright, I’ll be honest, I’m selling this desk personally, but I can tell you it’s solid and pretty and you can make us an offer :) $350.00!

FUZZAWUZZLES!! $450 for two matching Herman Miller shell chairs with custom fuzz wuzz covers with original upholstery still intact underneaffz. Perfect for you hipsters :| YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT!

This thing is the cutest .. and oh man it’s got drop-leaf extension for serving. BUHHH! Would make a great part-time bar for you part-time alcoholics. $175.00 in East Sacramento.

$70 for two wrought iron patio chairs. These are not too terribly “cool,” but just imagine some bright strawberry cushions and PAZOW! C’est tasty.

These dudes are a quandary. Are they new? Old? Outdoor – indoor? Or in need of cushions? WHO KNOWS, but they have a vintage designer look to them that I like – and a price I like most. $60 for the pair!!

I have this exact same dresser in my house – but mine has a laminate top? Maybe this one doesn’t? Eh? $85.00 in Carmichael

3 is the loneliest number. $400 in Davis.

This thang pretty – and I love a vanity mirror. Mrrrooow. $600, comes with matching Kingsized headboard.

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