Aaaand we’re back..

22 Oct

Ohh look at this beautiful lil’ desk! Alright, I’ll be honest, I’m selling this desk personally, but I can tell you it’s solid and pretty and you can make us an offer :) $350.00!

FUZZAWUZZLES!! $450 for two matching Herman Miller shell chairs with custom fuzz wuzz covers with original upholstery still intact underneaffz. Perfect for you hipsters :| YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT!

This thing is the cutest .. and oh man it’s got drop-leaf extension for serving. BUHHH! Would make a great part-time bar for you part-time alcoholics. $175.00 in East Sacramento.

$70 for two wrought iron patio chairs. These are not too terribly “cool,” but just imagine some bright strawberry cushions and PAZOW! C’est tasty.

These dudes are a quandary. Are they new? Old? Outdoor – indoor? Or in need of cushions? WHO KNOWS, but they have a vintage designer look to them that I like – and a price I like most. $60 for the pair!!

I have this exact same dresser in my house – but mine has a laminate top? Maybe this one doesn’t? Eh? $85.00 in Carmichael

3 is the loneliest number. $400 in Davis.

This thang pretty – and I love a vanity mirror. Mrrrooow. $600, comes with matching Kingsized headboard.

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