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Up and at em.

24 Oct

90.00 San Francisco
Little desk for you!

Two for 60.00 Martinez
Ah yes space mate. Because they look like they are from space…and because they will help you save space. Right?

250.00 San Francisco
I love finding stuff that you use to stuff crap into.

150.00 Novato
Those colors!

1100.00 Sacramento
Has been reduced!

60.00 Merced
Small and cute.

95.00 Paper Basket
How often do you see a nice looking paper basket? Not very often!

140.00 Antelope
AH TIRUP. Say that a loud. TERRRRUPPPP.

195.00 Oakland
I just really like the way this thing looks. I am a social worker so paying nearly two hundred dollars for this lamp is just not something I can justify. So I shall just photoshop it onto an end table in my living room. I wont buy it but being able to look at in my spot, well…that should do. Should do just fine.

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