Around writer Rose’s house: Totally kewl and new

31 Oct

I’ve been busy switching stuff up around our place.
It’s been frustrating, annoying, and then satisfying. When we lived at old place it was a lot smaller, so filling the place up was not hard. We used a lot of wall shelving to make up for the little floor space we had. Now we have no walls and a lot of floor. Totally turned my little nest upside down. I forgot the challenge (and fun, it’s sorta fun) that goes into making a home a home. I feel like this second time around though is good. I am def more picky and a lil more concentrated, hopefully it will all turn out good.

Totally sweet and sexy funky leather couch. Yeah. I know. This might not be you guys style but trust me this thing is a blessing. Once you sit it in you feel like your butt is gonna melt into the cushions. All the trouble’s of the world seem to just melt away.

I added plants because we actually have sunlight coming in and I thought the green would help with those yacky yellow, beige walls. I really dislike the color of the walls . I wish I could kick them to the curb, put up temporary wallpaper, something! My landlord, wont let me paint cuz he says that color is what people like. I tell him he don’t know anything and all he does is own property. No good nothing, minus two cents decorator, take your yellow paint to your house….no. No. I don’t say any of that to my landlord. We are renting month to month. Also. Those are mean things to say to someone.
I am dealing with this poorly though.

Putting in some more desert. Love me some dry oasis.

CAT! CAT! Squishy face bootiful cat! A wonderful beast that has brought lots of joy to our lives. I got cat for husband on his birthday. Sent him on a scavenger hunt that included all his favorite places, and then surprised him at the end with gorgeous cat. It took dude 15 minutes to believe it was his. Anyways, we love her very much. Getting to know her better makes us love her more! She is def by far the best new addition to our home!

2 Responses to “Around writer Rose’s house: Totally kewl and new”

  1. Kim Merrell Lamb October 31, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    Rose, you are the cutest thing EVER! Your house looks amazing, comfy and wonderfully eclectic! Someday soon you will own your home and paint will not be an issue. Hugs!

  2. Rose October 31, 2012 at 10:53 am #

    :3 thanks kim!
    You da bess!

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