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Happy Friday.

30 Nov

Boogie down this weekend, folks. Despite that monstrous storm outside :) poor big ol’ side table STILL hasn’t sold! $100 in Roseville. looks like this thing lived through the dust bowl. But we all know that isn’t true.. $300 takes this weird 70’s dining set and bar cart.$40 for both lil’ dressers!

Even more Herman Miller?

29 Nov

Yet another Herman Miller table. $200 also! Oh my – Craigslist is on a roll! I posted one yesterday for $200 as well!

Herman Miller for $220. What is happening?

$40 rad vanity! CHECK OUT THE SWEET STORAGE!! DAG, that’s a deal..!

Wire rack for ya records, y’all. $65.00

Now THIS.. is a super score. These two for $260.00.
Maybe you can get that eagle too, huh!?

This more of a fun design piece – a library ladder for $60. If you have some tall shelves this would be nice to have!

Augh yum. $100 in Vacaville for this buffet.

Noguchi coffee table BASE ONLY :( But still, $100.

Happy Campers: My kitchen cabinet and Eames chair!

28 Nov

Spotted this sucker on Craigslist for $50.00 and had to swoop. I had been looking for this exact cabinet style – clean white to go in the kitchen, 1950’s, metal banding, formica top – to replace a a crappy, laminate wood credenza we found in an abandoned warehouse. Not tryin’ to live that shabby chic life, guys. So it had to go.

Also scored this Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Group Chair from a garage sale in Natomas for $70.00. A little more than I would have liked to spend, but this is a must-have for someone who loves to troll the internet as hard as I do. (Next to it is a less-comfortable black task chair from 16th Street Salvation Army for $3.00.)

Glutton Tag!

28 Nov

In that I mean, guten tag dear readers – how was your day of gluttonous turkey consumption?! Mine was scrumptious :D

ALL DISS for $50! Man, you can go from being a shlub with their king-sized mattress on the floor to living LIKE a KING!

AMAZING transforming shifting twirling double-oven with PULL OUT STOVE. WHAT!? $100.00

This dresser and a king-sized headboard for $350.00. Good ’nuff!

YUM yum yum those Herman Miller legs. Could make a great kitchen table! $200 or best offer

$70 steelcase chair and other treats from this seller

Lime green chesterfield couch for $500. I know, I know – this is a ROSE couch, not necessarily for the rest of us MCM folks ;D

HI CHRIS! A full Metlox set for sale – BUH I WANT THEM ALL!!

Around the house: A refrigerators story

26 Nov

Iz no story about it. BUT. Here is some photo’s of our mustard fridge.
YEAH. Mustard!

It doesn’t work good. I dont know much about refrigerators but I feel like when
I open the door to a fridge, I should feel a blast of cold air that knocks my socks off.
This guy just sends out a subtle breeze. Good news is I haven’t gotten sick yet.

I like the color, I like it’s wood handle. Hopefully it doesn’t kick rocks too soon.

Happy monday

26 Nov

225.00 Reno
Also comes with nightstands

350.00 Elk Grove
7 by 9 feet. I like me a big red rug.

50.00 Davis
The holidays are upon us. Time to start looking into neat bowls.

150.00 Sacramento
If your having an issue with space, need a piece that takes care of your magazine, smoking, light needs?
WELLLLLL here it is. All three in one. I dunno how, but it has been done folks.

50.00 Yuba City

800.00 Reno
Table is not included. SIGH.

100.00 Vacaville
That’s an insane deal for you boho loving beans.

Around the house: Din din

19 Nov

Hey Mimomito! This is Rose. Here is a couple photographs of stuff going on around my sweet pad.
Ye ye.

For three years I have eaten dinner on our coffee table. We have never had enough space to have an actual area designated for getting your grub on. I can admit that this is probably because I have just said it was not possible but would rather have had other things instead. Like a huge desk. Why did we need a desk that took up most of our house. Who knows?! It seemed like a good idea at the time.

We have enough room now that we don’t gotta compromise any of
our other luxuries, like our huge redwood slab desk.

It seems by that small silly little coffee cup stage that we may actually use this table
to wine and dine. Not true guys. Iz all a farce. Still doing the coffee table jam.

We’ve got this neat little built in that I use for a meager bar.

ALSO PEEP THIS. Super juiced on our set of Russel Wright’s American modern stuff. I am not usually a person who is drawn to brighter colors but I think these are so so bootiful. They were a late wedding gift my Grandmother gave me. She has been collecting this set for nearly twenty years.

It was neat to hear her story pre ebay days.
I can only imagine how stoked she musta been each time she happen to come across a couple of pieces back then.
Super grateful to her for this gift. I will cherish these precious beans for a long long time.

Fancy pants

14 Nov

Here’s some esspensive stuff.

80.00 Sacramento Actually the price on this isnt too bad. It is a really neat looking table.

160.00 Galt

1200.00 Citrus Heights
0_0 Huge eyes because of price, and this objects ability to be like POW POW I AM HERE PUNK!

123.00 Sacramento
An usual price…but still pretty reasonable!

550.00 Live Oak
This thing. SWAG.

95.00 Carmicheal
Not a bad price!

225.00 Folsom
I like this.

150.00 Sacramento

75.00 Citrus Heights
Awe Green


12 Nov

Together lets mourn the death of the weekend. I’m sorry if that’s macabre, but that’s how it feels in this grey weather lately. Let’s get to it!

A pair of ladder-back chairs for $100. Neato bandito.

9-drawer dresser for $340.00. Oooh.

WHOA WHOA WHOA – this thing has a pop-out foot rest! I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT BEFORE! $180.00 is a great price – located in Folsom.

Kinda pricey but good lookin’ and it’s been posted for awhile so maybe you can ask for a deal! $100 in Cameron Park

I loves me a lucite swag lamp, y’all. $80 in midtown.

$400 expanding dining table in Natomas. Nice finish, y’all!

THESE CHAIRS ARE GREAT! Everyone who sits at this table is comfortable as a KING! No peasants here, ALL CAPTAINS! $225 OBO here in Sacramento!

Happy Wedneday, y’all

7 Nov

Saw this vintage Bassett ad and thought of youz all.

Bassett ad – 1960 by MidCentArc on Flickr.

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