Saturday haul.

3 Nov

Deloshious record console for $150.00 in Natomas. Nice price, nice lookin’. Hopefully nice soundin’? Give that motor some oil and get it goin’.

Lane end table, $99 bonez, yo.

This is a weird chair that makes me think of Rose – who is going through a 70s awakening.. $100 OBO

Danish expandy table. $150.00 in Davis.

“in usable, okay condition.” (read: no fatties.) $20.00 in Tahoe Park.

$95.00 task chair. Oooorange…  in Placerville.

$150.00 in East Sac for this dropleaf table that looky similar to a Bruno Mathsson


$550 in East Sac for diss highboy dressahhh.

$700 for two replica Eamesies on Folsom. If you’re into that sort of thing..

C’mon, y’all. This has been up forever. $110.00 in Roseville.

$55.00 weird hobbity slat bench. Y’know, for ‘wee’ people.


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