Glutton Tag!

28 Nov

In that I mean, guten tag dear readers – how was your day of gluttonous turkey consumption?! Mine was scrumptious :D

ALL DISS for $50! Man, you can go from being a shlub with their king-sized mattress on the floor to living LIKE a KING!

AMAZING transforming shifting twirling double-oven with PULL OUT STOVE. WHAT!? $100.00

This dresser and a king-sized headboard for $350.00. Good ’nuff!

YUM yum yum those Herman Miller legs. Could make a great kitchen table! $200 or best offer

$70 steelcase chair and other treats from this seller

Lime green chesterfield couch for $500. I know, I know – this is a ROSE couch, not necessarily for the rest of us MCM folks ;D

HI CHRIS! A full Metlox set for sale – BUH I WANT THEM ALL!!


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