Rainy day.

1 Dec

800.00 Woodlake
Seller states that the only piece that is not herman miller is the blue chair.
Two for 100 each Sacramento
225.00 Carmicheal
The holy grail of drafting tables. Get ya’ll self some classyness mimomito art nerds. You deserve it.
500.00 Lodi
Dinning room table and the chairs. I wish it also came with that cool little buffet in the back. :\
250.00 Vacaville
A great take home price for this wonderful table! Get it while the getting is good dudes.
40.00 Folsom
I enjoy the colors in this pretty little bean.
115.00 Sacramento
Remember when these things were like 20 dollars, when you couldnt even give them away?! What the hell happened?!!?! I am upset mimomito. Real upset.
175.00 Grass Valley
WHAT IS GOING ON. Why is this almost 200.00 dollars? GAH. See this is what I am talking bout. Hold on guys. I am loosing my cool. I’ll be cheerful in a moment. Just let me have this. The table! The table is the only thing that you would kinda want and for what price…I’ll tell you what price-not no 200 dollars thass what. I am sorry mimomito. Iz just the one thing I have loved for it’s consistent cheap price and cheapy cokey looking self has been tainted. So well. See ya later cheap brass plated tables.*collective sigh of relief is made, throughout the mimomito congregation.

Iz ok guys. I know I am the only one upset about this.
50.00 Merced
They got a nice color to them.
45.00 San Francisco
For people who like projects.
10.00 Sacramento
I dunno how this damn thing works. What am I looking at?! I DUNNO. It seems like a cool thing though and iz only ten dollars.

250.00 Modesto
Those nobbs are pretty red and cool. Also the grain! GAH.

20.00 Grass Valley
I lubb wooden ironing boards!
100.00 Citrus Heights
Not Midcentury, but a good deal. This price also comes with a vanity!
49.00 Folsom Not a bad price for a three in one deal.
20.00 Citrus Heights
Hello gorgeous.

38.00 Carmicheal Cheap cheap.
395.00 Modesto Looks kinda laminating…but possibly not? UH HEM. HOPEFULLY NOT?!
80.00 Sacramento
The detail in this lampshade is preeeettttty neat.

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