GIT’R’DONE: Rose’s Papel Picado Snowflakes

17 Dec

Papel picado (“perforated paper”) is a decorative craft made out of paper cut into elaborate designs. Although it is a Mexican folk art, papel picado is used as a holiday decoration in many countries. The designs are commonly cut from tissue paper using a guide and small chisels, creating as many as forty banners at a time.”


r1-04902-0020Serene came over yesterday and we had a delightful time making making these snowflakes.
Here’s a little how to for you mimomito folks in case you are willing and wanting to do your own!

In case any of you havent come across Papel Picado, before above is an example of it.
Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
1. Wax paper
2. Scissors
3. Xacto knife
4. Cutting board
5.Double sided tape
dsc_0032First you want to cut yourself a square of any size from your wax paper roll. Too small though and you won’t be able to put too much detail.

dsc_0033Fold your square in half so that you make a triangle.

dsc_0036and AGAIN..

dsc_0037And AGAIN. Make sure you have folded a triangle IN HALF three times, while being aware of the middle.
The middle is how it all stays connected when you cut.

dsc_0041Now you will take the sides of your triangle and fold them in the center. Like a paper airplane.
dsc_0044Cut off the extras so that your ends are even and flush – as an acute triangle.

dsc_0046You should end up with a pizza slice!

dsc_0017You are ready to cut. Take your Xacto knife and really get to town.
If you would like to go with the papel picado look I would suggest doing squares, triangles, tear drops and circles. You could though do anything your big heart desires!
dsc_0016Sometimes you will have to sorta pick out some of your cuts.
Just be careful not to tear the wax paper! It will be alright.
dsc_0020Now here is the best part! Unfolding!

dsc_0023*drum roll*
dsc_0026AH HA!
dsc_0027Serene created this really neat one that looks a lil like stained glass.

dsc_0049Use double sided tape…or any kind to put the snowflakes in your window.
I find that I like the way double sided tape looks. It may be a booger to get down after the holidays but meh.
I’ll deal with that later!

dsc_0051The best part is when the light catches through these little beans!
Arrite mimomito… der it is. Try em out if you want!

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