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Mimomito’s got friends.

10 Dec

midcentury mobler

Our buds over at Mid Century Mobler want to offer readers of Mimomito a discount on all online orders. Specializing in Danish and American mid century modern furniture, you’ll discover stunning pieces imported to the US from England and Denmark. Shop and get 15% OFF all items using code MIMO15.

Remember Mid Century Mobler? We’ve featured Julian’s SF apartment in our Homes, Sweet Homes feature here. We’ll be featuring a new piece from McMobler a few times a month, and in turn Mimomito will get kicked down some cheese when a reader users our code. It’s a treat for us all, and any money we get will go to paying our WordPress and domain fees! (This means no more awkward begging and panhandling at meet-ups.)

Holiday Gift Guide: The Retro Youngster

7 Dec

This one is for the young gentleman.
01.Great Plains TeePee
02PlayShapes 74 Wooden Blocks MillerGoodman
03. Bird by Kristian Vedel
04. Donna Wilson Mini Boat Blanket
05. Starship Enterprise Mobile III
06.Presidential Blocks
07. Switch on the night By Ray Bradbury
08. View Master
09. Karascope Kaleidoscope Designed by Judith Karelitz
10. Crosley Cruiser 3-Speed Portable Turntable
11. Train Tootsie Toy Broadway Limited Train Set Pullman Car

Around the house: It’s beginning to look somewhat like Christmas!

6 Dec

Finally got a big puffy Christmas tree up in our apartment, and our tall friend Thomas helped up string our lights and put our tree topper on for us. Alan and myself like a tree to really lord over us – showering us in holiday spirit. This year I decided to go through the dubious task of making really quick origami butterflies as ornaments. I like a monochromatic and simplistic tree, myself – not droopy with mismatched ornaments.
Our little apartment feels so cozy, finally. I come home all sad and cold from the dismal outdoors to my warm cave. Alan has been perfecting ham-hocks and beans with a side of collard greens. LET’S HUNKER DOWN, Y’ALL. IT’S OFFICIALLY WINTER.

Send us your holiday home decoration photos to post!

Bay Area Under 120.00

6 Dec

Things seem a lil tough in the city these days. You got six other roomates, super high rent, and possibly an awful commute. Ya live in an awesome city and do what you gotta to make it. I feel for you dudes. Truly I do. So I dug through Craigslist for stuff around your area for 120.00 and under. I will be attempting to continue to do these weekly. Iz gonna take a lil bit more research to make it as efficient for yall as possible but I shall try. I KNOW THE STRUGGLE GUYS! Shizz is rough out there okaaaay.
45.00 Windsborg
Ah ok.
45.00 Albany
For the walls.
550.00 Oakland
Ok not under 120, but a decent price, and seems like a solid investment.
Could also be an awesome christmas gift!
35.00 Potrero Hill
25.00 Dublin
Perfect for your plants!
85.00 San Jose Downtown
A hunk of a dresser.
45.00 Petuluma
Lil’ itsy bitsy cocktail table.
80.00 Menlo Park
Treat yo’ self!
39.00 Mission
Love that this guy’s prices!
80.00 Kentfield Love lucite. It can possibly help small spaces feel more open!
10.00 Santa Rosa Yippp.
20.00 Lower Haight
A project for sure, but could turn out to a real booty
85.00 Lower Nobb Hill
Big ol desks.

Holiday Gift Guide: The Modern Chef

5 Dec

01. Kinfolk Magazine
02. Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha
03. Design House Stockholm Magnetic Whale Tong
04. Marimekko Set of 2 Sukat Makkaralla Glasses
05. Black Walnut Cutting Board
06. Cathrineholm Lotus Nesting Bowls
07. Eight Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker
08. TEA TOWEL – Triangle
09. Betty Crocker’s Dinner For Two Cook book, Illustrated by Charley Harper

Hoiday Gift Guide: The Classy Mister

4 Dec


This gift guide is for your classy man friend.

That guy who likes things that will last him a life time.

01. Omega Natural Bristle Shave Brush
02. Glacier Rock Set
03. Flour Sack Towel Bundle
04. Rough Rider Blade
05. Dansk Ice Bucket from Jens Quistgaard
06. The Cobra Classic Razor
07. Masters of the Universe Compendium Poster By Chris Lee
08. C.O. Bigelow Cold And Flu Soak Formula
09. FermLiving Grey Remix Blanket
10. Eames Hang it All

Holiday Gift Guide: MCM nerd

3 Dec


Us mimomito writers have different tastes, so we’ll again be doing separate gift guides! I’ll be gearing this particular guide more toward the modern/tech/mid century design/nerd types on your list..  (basically this is a list of things I want – and maybe you, too!)

01. “Ray Gun” by Eugene Metcalf

02. Estes Model Rockets at RC Country Hobbies

03. Bodum Electric Cordless Tea Kettle

04. Jambox Wireless Speaker by Jawbone

05. Sacramento’s-own Brian Schmitt Design | Pendant Lighting

06.  Rocket Tea Infuser by Kikkerland

07. Kingston DataTraveler Gold-plated Flash Keychain

08. Molecular Model Set

09. Charley Harper Iphone5 Case

10. Polaroid Instant Digital Camera with Zero-Ink Printing

Sunny Monday!

3 Dec

My gutters didn’t flood, and the sun is peering through the clouds! Huzzah! Adler sconce for $120 dining set for only $500. Yagg, that’s a good deal. In Natomas OF TEAK! $80 WALL OF TEAK! $100 and Ikea tulip table for $200 takes it alllll! of Martinsville set for $1000. WUT! nice chunky desk for $299.$40 blue ol’ school desk. Yech – the memories..

Remember readers — if you have bought something from Craigslist that you saw on Mimomito, or just want to share a Mid Century find of your own, email us a photo or link! Send it to

“How the gods live”

1 Dec
Ray and Charles Eames on a Lounge Chair, photo: Monique Jacot, courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

Ray and Charles Eames on a Lounge Chair, photo: Monique Jacot, courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

Charles Eames with collection of tops, photo: Monique Jacot, courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

Charles Eames with collection of tops, photo: Monique Jacot, courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

Ray Eames with Thonet chair, photo: Monique Jacot, courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

Ray Eames with Thonet chair, photo: Monique Jacot, courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

Living-room of the Eames house, photo: Monique Jacot, courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

Living-room of the Eames house, photo: Monique Jacot, courtesy of Vitra Design Museum

These photos of the Case Study House No.8, inhabited beautifully by Charles and Ray Eames, are coupled with an article by Amelie Znidaric. Read the full article here on Stylepark:

Rainy day.

1 Dec

800.00 Woodlake
Seller states that the only piece that is not herman miller is the blue chair.
Two for 100 each Sacramento
225.00 Carmicheal
The holy grail of drafting tables. Get ya’ll self some classyness mimomito art nerds. You deserve it.
500.00 Lodi
Dinning room table and the chairs. I wish it also came with that cool little buffet in the back. :\
250.00 Vacaville
A great take home price for this wonderful table! Get it while the getting is good dudes.
40.00 Folsom
I enjoy the colors in this pretty little bean.
115.00 Sacramento
Remember when these things were like 20 dollars, when you couldnt even give them away?! What the hell happened?!!?! I am upset mimomito. Real upset.
175.00 Grass Valley
WHAT IS GOING ON. Why is this almost 200.00 dollars? GAH. See this is what I am talking bout. Hold on guys. I am loosing my cool. I’ll be cheerful in a moment. Just let me have this. The table! The table is the only thing that you would kinda want and for what price…I’ll tell you what price-not no 200 dollars thass what. I am sorry mimomito. Iz just the one thing I have loved for it’s consistent cheap price and cheapy cokey looking self has been tainted. So well. See ya later cheap brass plated tables.*collective sigh of relief is made, throughout the mimomito congregation.

Iz ok guys. I know I am the only one upset about this.
50.00 Merced
They got a nice color to them.
45.00 San Francisco
For people who like projects.
10.00 Sacramento
I dunno how this damn thing works. What am I looking at?! I DUNNO. It seems like a cool thing though and iz only ten dollars.

250.00 Modesto
Those nobbs are pretty red and cool. Also the grain! GAH.

20.00 Grass Valley
I lubb wooden ironing boards!
100.00 Citrus Heights
Not Midcentury, but a good deal. This price also comes with a vanity!
49.00 Folsom Not a bad price for a three in one deal.
20.00 Citrus Heights
Hello gorgeous.

38.00 Carmicheal Cheap cheap.
395.00 Modesto Looks kinda laminating…but possibly not? UH HEM. HOPEFULLY NOT?!
80.00 Sacramento
The detail in this lampshade is preeeettttty neat.

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