Interiors: The Miller house

17 Apr

I am sure most of you have seen the wonderful Miller house.




The Miller House was a collaborative creative effort by Eero Saarinen (architect), Alexander Girard (interiors), and Dan Kiley (landscape).
Although each of these designers had specific tasks to do for the house they collaborated on many original works made only for this house. Like that table. GEEZE LOUIS do you see this table?! Girard and Saarinen put that bad boy together.

Digitizing the Miller house is a great little Tumblr, that gives you an in-depth look on the ins and outs on the creation of this house.

Many of items for the house were custom made. Above is a the candle holders Mrs. Miller chose to go into the house. Girard custom designed several options for her. What a lucky lady.
There is also a lot of really cool letters that the designers and Millers write out to the various individuals involved. This is a letter is written by Girard to Florence Knoll, after Han’s death. It’s interesting to see just how connected each designer was to one another back then.
The letters are like a window into the inner workings of these great designers relationships, thoughts, and professionalism. It’s a pretty neat tumblr and worth the follow.

This video gives you some little tid bits of information and a small virtual tour of the house. Very eye oogling!

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