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Craigslist: High and Low

13 Jun

30.00 Woodland
Doesn’t look like read wood but a good price for someone just starting out.
70.00 Sacramento
Little box.
200.00 Nevada City
Put your china in that top part. Show em what chu working with.
1100.00 Sacramento
Someone got some set or something cuz craigslist is full of all kindsa wonderful Brasilia
130.00 Sacramento
Ok price for this funky bean.
175.00 Grass Valley
This color!
450.00 Sacramento
Faux wood. Which IMO is a lil spendy for such a thing.

Craigslist: Two beans

13 Jun

Here’s two real good looking pieces in Sacramento.
490.00 George Jenson Table in Sacramento
I love this sellers stuff. All the pieces look like they are in tip top shape.
575.00 Arne Vodder desk in Sacramento
A great piece for a really fair price!

Cabin in South Lake Tahoe

13 Jun

875.00 2BD South Lake Tahoe
This is a cute little guy for any of you folks who think a summer cabin is something you like…or living in a cabin is your dream. It’s a dainty little thing but its full of potential and cute.
That counter! The blue looks so good against that wood.
I look at cabins and housing all the time through craigslist. I am not sure if this is something you guys are all interested in…but since I’ve already done the searching I thought I’d share.

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