Home, Sweet Homes: Heather and David’s Carmichael Pad

8 Sep

So, this is a home tour that unfortunately got lost in the shuffle and kerfuffle of a Mimomito identity crisis. Thanks to the wonderful Heather and David for not sending rocks through our windows for taking so long to post this. It has likely been almost A YEAR since they welcomed us into their home to poke around and take photos. Thank you for your patience and kindness to allow us in your lives and beautiful home. I personally know that you both have added new items and pieces to your home, so perhaps this’ll be like a walk down memory lane, ha! Now, finally, Heather and David Hadley’s Home Tour.

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Where is your home located?
Carmichael, Ca

When was your home built and when did you move in?
Built in 1957, bought home in 2010 / 3bd, 2.5ba 1800 SF

 Why did you choose your home?
Good neighborhood; the layout; original hardwood floors; updated kitchen and granite counter-tops; but most importantly (according to David) the game room with a 1970’s built-in bar.

 What attracted you to mid century design?
In my mid-20s, I rented an old one-bedroom apartment in Midtown Sac.  I fell in love with the mid-century original features.  It had a pink bathtub, elephant gray tiling and toilet, the kitchen was galley style and had stainless steel counter tops.  I embraced the vibe, and carried that feeling into our new home.

 What are your favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?
When it comes to designers, we aren’t picky.  If we like it, we like it, it doesn’t matter who designed it.  I am passionate about the fact that if YOU love something, that’s all that matters, and it will reflect in the styling and design of your home.

What is your view on furniture reproductions?
As long as it’s well made, then fine by us.  We have a vintage PlyCraft lounge chair and ottoman (Eames lounger wanna-be), and we love it.  Repro’s provide access and affordability.  Originals can be very expensive.  We can’t afford a $5,000 Eames right now. That’s five flights to England!!

In regards to furniture pieces, what do you think is a specific item one should invest in?
A good chair.  A sideboard.  Lighting.  What’s great about MCM and vintage furniture is that it is exactly that: An investment.  You should have the mindset that in order to get good, quality furniture you will need to spend some dough.  And hopefully down the road you will get a good return on your investment if you ever decide to sell.  Unfortunately even if you bought a chair or sofa at Pottery Barn, you will NEVER get the money you originally paid for it.  Ever, Ever EVER.   Its like owning vs renting, I suppose…

Where are your favorite places to shop for home décor?
Craigslist:  Almost our entire home is furnished with CL finds.  We’ve saved thousands of dollars by using Craigslist.  And, when we get tired of something, we usually sell it for MORE money than we spent.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Thrift stores: It’s always hit or miss, and takes diligence, but usually worth the time and effort.  Deseret Industries, Thriftown, Goodwill…

Yard sales/ estate sales:  This is a no-brainer.  Super cheap prices (except for the professionally run estate sales) and lots of treasures.  Always.

57th Street Antique Row: Always knickknacks and furniture to be found here.  Don’t be afraid to bargain with the dealers.

Midway Antiques:  Be-friend Mark.  His collection of MCM furniture is suuuper pricey yet beyond amazing.  If he likes you, you can negotiate pricing with him.  He definitely wants his furniture to go to good homes.

Scout Living:  Erin and Stefan and their collective have the most wonderful things, all the time.   You MUST go there.

Honorable mentions: West Elm, CB2, Z Gallerie

 What are some of your best furniture finds? Where from?
Well the most memorable find is our teal (Eames inspired) plastic school chair in our bedroom.  I picked it up at a thrift store for $4.  Its not worth much, but it was one of our first furniture buys when we moved in.   It’s a meaningful chair.

What is your greatest design achievement in your home? What was the biggest challenge?
Well, outside the home, I would say I am most proud of our door fence in our backyard.  Our side fence was hideous, and I thought a bunch of doors would not only look rad, but also privatize our backyard.  It took me a few months to acquire all the doors (Habitat for Humanity re-store) but it was worth the time and effort.  It was also inexpensive.  I paid no more than $10 a door, and there are about 25 doors.  Check out my blog post about it at www.wheatpennyvintage.com

Do you have any future projects or long-term goals for your interiors or living space?
Big time.  Our #1 priority is our bar room.  It’s a huge space that has loads of cool potential.  We want to install shelving behind the bar onto our brick walls; we want to change our fireplace out with something more mid-century inspired; we need a new sink (wet-bar) and fridge.  We want that room to live up to its potential.

 Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?
Let your style develop naturally within your home.
DON’T decorate all at once.  Let it progress, otherwise you are forcing it.  It took years to find certain pieces in our house.  It’s worth the wait!
DO get inspired by things around you.
DO your research!  Don’t get duped into buying something you “think” is vintage, when its not!
DO look in your closet for color inspiration.
DON’T ever keep things the same.  Your house should reflect you.  And you are always changing and growing.

 Any advice or last thoughts for us?
Thank you MIMOMITO for letting us share our home with you and your readers!

You’re more than welcome, Heather and David!

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