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Homes, Sweet Homes: Michael and Clyde

8 Feb

Who was nice enough to let us feature their home:: Michael and Clyde are wonderful realtors who specialize (but aren’t limited to) in MCM homes. If you’re  in the market, make sure you shoot them an e-mail: or

Thanks so much to Jon for referring them.

What they told us about the home: It’s a 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom, 1710 sq ft, Joseph Eichler home.

Where is the home located: South Land Park, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved it: Built in 1955 and they moved in 1997.

Why they chose this home: They loved the clean lines, the indoor outdoor feeling, large windows and the natural lighting, the privacy of the layout … just to name a few reasons. They said they love it so much and can’t imagine living in anything but an atomic ranch home.

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What attracted you to MCM design?

As Realtors, we see all different types of homes.  When we saw our first MCM home, we both fell in love with the clean lines, large expanses of glass that let in natural light and the blurring of lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Favorite Designers and biggest influences on your style?

We tend to be drawn to Scandinavian design, along with some some Asian influences.  Love all the staples: Eames, Noguchi, Kragen and George Nelson. Our Parents and  grandparents- Michael’s was my parent’s Danish Modern davenport with seafoam green and turquoise cushions, also still has 3 glass mushrooms on our coffee table that sat on my grandmother’s coffee table for years.  Clyde– his parent’s pink and black leather living room set.

How do you feel about reproductions?

Of course we love all the “originals”.  However, we feel design is an evolving process, so if we see something”new” that we like, we will definitely consider it.

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?  

Some classic anchor pieces- whether it’s a coffee table, couch or artwork, something that makes a statement in a room.

What are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

Scandinavian Design, Scout Living, CB2 and Ebay- IKEA can also be a great resource if you are on a budget and just starting out.

What are some of your best finds? From Where?

A 12′ long rosewood sideboard- a local consignment store

A 7′ period metal sculpture-  a private seller in Montana on the internet

A 1950’s 8′ gold Christmas Tree in its original box- Ebay

Greatest Achievement in your home? Biggest Challenge?

When we bought our Eichler, it had been neglected for several years.  What updates had been done in the 1970’s were totally inappropriate for the style of the home (just one example is the pecky cedar barn wood that had bee used to cover the kitchen walls).  Our challenge was to incorporate the functions of a modern home, while keeping the integrity of the architects original vision.

Future Goals/projects?

We just finished remodeling our master bathroom, so we are taking a breather on the remodeling!

Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?  Advice and last words? (We’re combining two questions).

As Realtors, we really try and get in sync with our clients.  While a home is a financial investment, it is also the place that you live and hopefully love.  We may show a client many homes, and you can almost always tell when they walk into the home that instinctively appeals to them.  There is no right or wrong style, you decide what feels right for you.  For us, we knew immediately when we walked into our Eichler that it was the home for us.  We previously lived in a tudor in Old Land Park that we really liked, which was a totally different vibe; however, from the first moment this home just “felt” right.  There has been some discussion that MCM appeals to baby-boomers (like us).  What surprised us in the last couple of years is that we have had younger clients who looked at several homes, and just weren’t having that positive gut reaction.  We asked to show them something “a little different” (Blomberg, Streng and Eichler) and it was love at first sight!
For us personally, we didn’t want to live in a “museum” that was a literal recreation of the MCM period.  We were more interested in the aesthetics of clean simple lines and the modern feel of the period. We have constantly had comments over the years that guests “Can’t put their finger on it, but that the homes feel tranquil, relaxing, etc.” We could receive no higher compliment, it is definitely satisfying to have someone appreciate what you were trying to achieve.

Thanks again so much to Clyde and Michael for welcoming me into lovely their home, it was really a pleasure!

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

Furry Furniture Friends: Bubu Kitty and Cleopatra

8 Feb

These lovely kitties belong to Jon and Jose. I love the chair that Bubu Kitty is under!!


Here’s one of cats, Cleopatra Jones, on the Plycraft lounger ottoman.

Here’s another family member, BuBu Kitty, under one of his favorite chairs.

Show off your cute animal companions (hanging out on your MCM furniture) by sending us photos and maybe a little blurb about how awesome they are. Send them over to:

Furry Furniture Friends: HipCat and Bebop

27 Jan

These are Frank’s kitty companions. :) So fluffy!

HipCat and Bebop on a Plycraft lounger, and The HipCat on a circa 1955 Frank Lloyd Wright dining room set.

Show off your cute animal companions (hanging out on your MCM furniture) by sending us photos and maybe a little blurb about how awesome they are. Send them over to:

Furry Friends: Enzo

24 Jan

This is Darrell’s pal, Enzo. He’s a beagle mix that is almost two years old. The pug is their next door neighbor, Hammy.

Show off your cute animal companions hanging out on your MCM furniture by sending us photos and maybe a little blurb about how awesome they are, and about your furniture! Send them over to:

Furry Friends: Meet Frank

19 Jan

Frank is Kim’s adorable dog, and apparently he has made this his official doggy bed – he obviously has good taste!

Show off your cute animal companions (hanging out on your MCM furniture) by sending us photos and maybe a little blurb about how awesome they are. Send them over to:

Happy Campers: Joslyn’s Desk

19 Jan
Hi all,
A few months back I purchased a desk you posted on Facebook from South Sac Goodwill Outlet for $12.99. I jumped on it and have been so happy with it everyday since. My grand plan was for a total closet office overhaul but it’s final home is simply in my spare bedroom. There are two photos of the desk attached so you can see where it happily ended up :)
Thanks for keeping me inspired everyday, your blog rocks!

Homes, Sweet Homes: Ben and Rose

16 Jan

Who was nice enough to show us around: Our dear blog mate Rose and her husband Ben (of Interval Press).

 What they told us about their home: They live in a 650 ft 1bd/1ba apartment.

 Where is the home located: Midtown, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved in: They think the apartment was built sometime in the 1940s and they moved in March 2010.

Why they chose this home: They liked the original hardwood floors, it’s a great location and the price was right.

Photos by Serene and Toni. There’s a slide show at the bottom of the gallery.

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What attracted you to MCM design?

Rose: I feel like “mid mod” compliments natural objects and earthy tones. I am getting into that sorta stuff. The clean lines and emphasis on the wood makes decorating easy for me. It’s also a style that stands a lone yet  plays well with others. OH and it brings the class.

Ben:  I’ve always been attracted to the minimalism of MCM. Although we have a lot of smalls in our home when it comes to larger items the simpler the better I feel. Your eye is able to freely move around and doesn’t get stuck in one spot. MCM is also a big influence in my illustration work and I try to apply this same philosophy as often as I can.

 Favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?

Rose: Charley Harper, freaking UPA 1950’s-60’s team wins…those cartoons are stunning.  DA EAMES of course, Finn Juhl, and Walter Bosse cuz he brings the cute. I also really enjoy the Brick House Modern blog.  The writer has an interior style that when I see it I go ‘man, you get me. You dont know me but you get me.’ Or less creepy is ‘I want to go to there.’ Native american textiles/art  make me feel at home and all around encompass what I enjoy esthetically. Ben is also very inspirational to me. I feel really lucky to have someone around who get’s my ideas and then challenges them.

Ben:  Milton Glaser, Saul Bass, the Eames, Jim Flora, Charley Harper, Eastern Europian folk art. Rose and I obviously have a lot of cross overs in our influences and some differences, I think that’s the key to the merging of any style when you’re making a home together, that and compromise

How do you feel about reproductions?

Rose: I’ am kinda on the fence about the whole thing really. I understand why people buy reproductions. The average Joe like eh myself is gonna have a difficult time being able to ever get enough cash flow together to purchase one end table from them big name wonderful designers. On the other hand I’ve started to really feel for creative folk and what they do. I want to support what they are doing because I want them to make more. I WANT ANOTHER GREAT DESIGNER-S who can make sense of what’s going on right now and what needs to happen to make popular home items and furnishings great looking and functional. In order for that to happen they need money or they need somebody with money to give them it. I dunno. This is a complicated question for myself. All in all if it is a designer I am really impressed with all around I’am gonna want to buy it from them because chances are I’am gonna be keeping that thing for a very long time.

Ben: What she said.

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?

Rose: It really depends on the person living in their house and their I dunno function. Me and Ben love books and crafts so it was important to us to be able to have furniture that can store all of our stuff. We invested in shelving. LOADS OF IT. So I think you have to ask yourself what is going to make me love my home, what is important to me? Then you invest in whatever that is art, sofa, shelves, a tub I dunno. Invest in whatever is that you think is going to make your home livable to you.

Ben: I think that’s kind of a case by case thing. For me since I work where I live we needed to get items that catered to an office mentality.

 Where are your favorite places to shop for home décor?

Rose: SCOUT LIVING HUZZAH WHAT WHAT. Jk. Sorta. Even though I’ am a dealer there I buy stuff from my fellow dealer friends cuz ya know they got good taste.

We also do a lot of thrifting, and the internets. I love me some internet.

Ben: Rose pretty much summed it up.

 What are some of your best finds? From where? 

Rose: Best find to me was our bookcase we got from craigslist. When I saw it I loved it. When Ben saw it he said we were going to get dat.. I also enjoy the eagle painting my aunt did. It’s hanging in my bedroom across from my bed. When I was little my mom had it hanging in the hallway that led to the bathroom. I kid you not that thing scared the crap out of me. It took a lot out of me to be able to take a bathroom trip at night because I thought some crotchety old man spirit was trapped in that painting. There’d be long drawn out conversations I had with myself over whether or not it was really worth it.  I’d dash past those haunting orange eyes and awkwardly try to get myself squared away as fast as possible. It got to the point where I started to become pretty conscious of the liquids I was consuming pre-bed time. I feel like I’ve accomplished something great being able to have chrochety old eagle painting pretty much staring me down as I sleep. I am a freaking champion.  Oh and Ben’s unicorn wooden puzzle is pretty good too.

Ben: My favorite piece is either our small book case or my work desk, both of which where craigslist finds.

Greatest achievement in your home? Biggest challenge? 

Rose: Greatest achievement for me has to be the immense amount of shelving we have done or rather Ben has done.

I feel like I can be a freaking back seat shelf maker with out even talking.We kinda didn’t understand it at first. At one point in our shelving career Ben, wasn’t understanding why the screws were not going into the anchors. He bought new screws and everything. We then realized that he had been turning the screws to the left the whole time.

Ben: Moving said desk from Antelope into our apartment.

Future goals/ projects?

Rose: There is a lot of little things I want to get done throws and pillows stuff like that. I think though our biggest goal is to get a house here in midtown so Ben could move his office out of the living room and we could have enough space to make lots of stuff.

Ben: When we have some more space I’d like to be able have an actual office and own either a “small” Heidelber/Vandercook press.

 Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers? 

Rose: If you are a bumrush freak like me self I’d say to take it easy man. Your spot prolly isn’t going anywhere anytime fast. Look at blogs, read some books, do an inspiration board-woah! See what’s really out there. Another thing I wish I did was make a list. An inspiration board and a list would have really helped me see what I was going for before I just went there. All I am really saying is if you plan to be somewhere for a while take it easy and try to gage what you want and how you are gonna do it.

Ben: Nah.

 Advice and last words?

Rose: Your house should be able to communicate to people who you are. It shouldn’t feel like a stranger, it should make sense, and it should make your life easier. When it’s done right the term home sweet home really does mean something.

Ben: Have fun, when working with vintage finds I think we need to remember that we don’t live in the 50’s/60’s, our homes shouldn’t look/feel like a museum. The spaces we live/work/play in are kind of a visual projection of who we are and our personalities. Look around for inspiration, but most importantly pick and use pieces that you’re drawn to and have character, otherwise what’s the point?

Thank you dearly for sharing your home with us. I know it feels like there’s always something to do/ fix/ replace, but your home looks a-freaking-mazing. Well done!

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

Steinberg’s Hanukkah Home

24 Dec

Thanks to Gretchen for representin’ Hanukkah. :)

Tina and Mike’s Holiday Home

24 Dec

Tina is a very creative person who sells at Scout Living and on Etsy and we’d like to thank her so much for taking the time to write about her awesome stuff. Your place looks great, Tina!

OHAI, Mimomito!

Since I don’t really have a mid-mod house, I really have no business submitting a home tour to your blog, but I *can* send snaps your way for a holiday tour! Considering our last two Christmases saw our previous dwellings decorated with only moving boxes at this time of the year, we were pretty stoked to do it up right this year. Recently, I started collecting mid-century Christmas decorations at estate sales and thrift stores, which is a total homage to my childhood holiday memories. About 90% of what you see in the photos is thrifted/vintage.

I’m totally going to describe each of these because I feel compelled to for some odd reason, but please don’t feel the need to use any of it in the blog!

typewriters and trees – Two 1920s-ish typewriters that were my grandfather’s. Thrifted photo of someone’s road trip in the mountains, which I completely love. Handmade pottery vase with thrifted fake sprigs, surrounded by more thrifted trees and an old wagon ornament of mine. Vintage grammar sentence from Blockhouse Modern!

Ball jar candles – From an estate sale and always awesome.

Cafe curtain pillow – Estate sale cafe curtain. I almost made this into an apron until I saw it would make a cuter lumbar pillow, instead. That, and I don’t cook.

Charcoal bucket greenery – Found this killer bucket in a store for four bucks! Little dude slays me every time I look at him.

Christmas tree – We bought our tree the day after Thanksgiving. Two weeks later, it decided it was done trying to stay alive. Now, it looks like an umbrella made of toothpicks that is slowly trying to close. She’s looking sad, so you just get a close-up. We decorate with fatty-fat C7 lights, gold tinsel garland, a glittery-gold spire tree topper, and all our childhood ornaments. This guy looks almost EXACTLY like the tree I grew up with. Love that.

Department store hanky pillow – I got this amazing silk hanky in a thrift store about five years ago and finally decided to make a pillowcase to sew it on. Sure wish I would have had some white fabric to put under it, but oh well. I love the graphics on this thing 164%.

Holiday albums – Started collecting Christmas albums at estate sales last year. I pick them based either on artist or cover art. Bonus for both. There are also two estate sale song books in the pic that have fantastic graphics, as well.

Jar fillers  – Estate sale fillin’s for some vases I had.

Misteltoe – This is the exact same mistletoe ball, including elf, that was in my house growing up. Had to add that to the estate sale shopping cart, fo sho.

Office mini tree – Tree is from Michael’s, balls and glittery tissue paper wrap from estate sale, sweet Christmas/New Year’s print block from the Alameda antique faire, and a photo of my dad from when he and my mom got married.

Pink nightmare and the Christmas notions – Mike LOVES A Christmas Story (as do I; it was filmed in my hometown of Cleveland). His family gets him something ACS every year. This is actually a bobble head doll. Vintage cookie tin filled with old 40s-50s boxes of glittery Christmas snow, ornament hangers, and window decals, all estate sale.

Shiny Brites on a sled – Sled from Thrift Town, $4. Estate sale ornaments and industrial light bulbs. I absolutely love the boxes from old Christmas ornaments and miscellany (see the hangers and snow, etc. above). Shiny Brite made some of the best.

Table setting – Estate sale ornaments, napkins, and white leaf plate. Chargers from Target and napkin rings from my stint working at Pottery Barn.

Three kings banner – Holy CRAP, probably my favorite collected item so far. This thing was purchased in PRISTINE condition, hiding behind a door at an estate sale. FOR TWO DOLLARS. The images are all felt with those great shaped, gold sequins, gold trimming, and fake jewels. Even better is that it’s huge. Each one of those banners is just over 40 inches long. I added the fake glittery Christmas corsage at the top to cover the nail. LOVE this thing!

Tree topper collection and stockings – I’ve also started collecting these old spire toppers, which is the same style as the gold one on top of our tree. I made the stockings last year out of felt, cutting the ornaments out to resemble ones from the image on a sweet serving tray I got at a garage sale for ten cents. HOLLA.

So yeah… That’s the bulk of it. Did I mention I was excited to decorate this year? :)



Kevin and Melissa’s Fantastical Holiday Setup

22 Dec

If you haven’t heard of MKRetro, you best get on it. You’ve probably found yourself drooling over the stuff they sell on Craigslist, Etsy , and the antique faire … now you can drool over their adorable home. Ch-ch-check it:

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