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Rose and Ben’s Christmas Decor.

24 Dec

Here is me and Ben’s attempt at an Alexander Girard inspired christmas tree. After much stalling and frustratin’ myself over the right kinda paper, and the colors, buh, I decided that it isn’t exactly what I would have liked it to look like…but maybe next year we will refine! That’s a great thing about Christmas…it comes again next year. So I have come to comfort myself in saying that each year is another opportunity to make it better. That’s pretty optimistic right? YUP. YUP. That’s what I am trying to be about dear Mimomito. We shall see how long that lasts.

Around the house: It’s beginning to look somewhat like Christmas!

6 Dec

Finally got a big puffy Christmas tree up in our apartment, and our tall friend Thomas helped up string our lights and put our tree topper on for us. Alan and myself like a tree to really lord over us – showering us in holiday spirit. This year I decided to go through the dubious task of making really quick origami butterflies as ornaments. I like a monochromatic and simplistic tree, myself – not droopy with mismatched ornaments.
Our little apartment feels so cozy, finally. I come home all sad and cold from the dismal outdoors to my warm cave. Alan has been perfecting ham-hocks and beans with a side of collard greens. LET’S HUNKER DOWN, Y’ALL. IT’S OFFICIALLY WINTER.

Send us your holiday home decoration photos to post!

Around the house: A refrigerators story

26 Nov

Iz no story about it. BUT. Here is some photo’s of our mustard fridge.
YEAH. Mustard!

It doesn’t work good. I dont know much about refrigerators but I feel like when
I open the door to a fridge, I should feel a blast of cold air that knocks my socks off.
This guy just sends out a subtle breeze. Good news is I haven’t gotten sick yet.

I like the color, I like it’s wood handle. Hopefully it doesn’t kick rocks too soon.

Around the house: Din din

19 Nov

Hey Mimomito! This is Rose. Here is a couple photographs of stuff going on around my sweet pad.
Ye ye.

For three years I have eaten dinner on our coffee table. We have never had enough space to have an actual area designated for getting your grub on. I can admit that this is probably because I have just said it was not possible but would rather have had other things instead. Like a huge desk. Why did we need a desk that took up most of our house. Who knows?! It seemed like a good idea at the time.

We have enough room now that we don’t gotta compromise any of
our other luxuries, like our huge redwood slab desk.

It seems by that small silly little coffee cup stage that we may actually use this table
to wine and dine. Not true guys. Iz all a farce. Still doing the coffee table jam.

We’ve got this neat little built in that I use for a meager bar.

ALSO PEEP THIS. Super juiced on our set of Russel Wright’s American modern stuff. I am not usually a person who is drawn to brighter colors but I think these are so so bootiful. They were a late wedding gift my Grandmother gave me. She has been collecting this set for nearly twenty years.

It was neat to hear her story pre ebay days.
I can only imagine how stoked she musta been each time she happen to come across a couple of pieces back then.
Super grateful to her for this gift. I will cherish these precious beans for a long long time.

Around writer Rose’s house: Totally kewl and new

31 Oct

I’ve been busy switching stuff up around our place.
It’s been frustrating, annoying, and then satisfying. When we lived at old place it was a lot smaller, so filling the place up was not hard. We used a lot of wall shelving to make up for the little floor space we had. Now we have no walls and a lot of floor. Totally turned my little nest upside down. I forgot the challenge (and fun, it’s sorta fun) that goes into making a home a home. I feel like this second time around though is good. I am def more picky and a lil more concentrated, hopefully it will all turn out good.

Totally sweet and sexy funky leather couch. Yeah. I know. This might not be you guys style but trust me this thing is a blessing. Once you sit it in you feel like your butt is gonna melt into the cushions. All the trouble’s of the world seem to just melt away.

I added plants because we actually have sunlight coming in and I thought the green would help with those yacky yellow, beige walls. I really dislike the color of the walls . I wish I could kick them to the curb, put up temporary wallpaper, something! My landlord, wont let me paint cuz he says that color is what people like. I tell him he don’t know anything and all he does is own property. No good nothing, minus two cents decorator, take your yellow paint to your house….no. No. I don’t say any of that to my landlord. We are renting month to month. Also. Those are mean things to say to someone.
I am dealing with this poorly though.

Putting in some more desert. Love me some dry oasis.

CAT! CAT! Squishy face bootiful cat! A wonderful beast that has brought lots of joy to our lives. I got cat for husband on his birthday. Sent him on a scavenger hunt that included all his favorite places, and then surprised him at the end with gorgeous cat. It took dude 15 minutes to believe it was his. Anyways, we love her very much. Getting to know her better makes us love her more! She is def by far the best new addition to our home!

Around the house

15 Sep

Here’s some photos of what is been going on with our spot.
First and foremost there is light! Tons of bootiful light bouncing off the walls!

Ah yeah that lived in I’ am a lazy jerk look. One thing about this place that has been hard is the organization is just not there. For normal people they can handle this and accept that there is no linen storage and then figure out a solution. Not me. Nope. I get bummed and then I let this bummer filter through the rest of the house. I allow the chaos to seep into every small and insignificant thing. Then there is chaos all over until I figure out how to get the linens stored properly. I eventually do that and then I turn from slob to clean freak.

I’ve put up new pictures. That brassy frame is something ridiculous! I love it.

Oh happy happy score score

20 Aug

Yeah thass right mimomito, I got myself a gift. A anniversary gift.
Two years ago I married some artsy design savvy guy and it was the best thing I could do for myself.
Because not only is he all those things you want in a companion for life, he is also great at picking out gifts!

MMM. Yeaaaaah check out that gold teefs, skully goodness.
I’ve wanted it for a little over a year now. It covers almost all of my interest, grills, animals, desert stuff, supporting young artisans.
Anyways I am happy. Oh so very happy! Also peep all that other different stuff going on.
We moved. I don’t live in a dungeon anymore. There’s light, windows, and I can twirl around with my arms out.
Maybe now I can keep all those poor innocent plants that are photographed here alive. Fingers crossed.

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