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Book Shots: All about the wonders of chemistry

8 Jul

I found this really neat book thrifting the other day about chemistry. It has hilarious and cute illustrations about science.

I dont understand anything about it just that I like the way it looks!

Illio 1001

Illio 004

Illio 009

Illio 008

Illio 007

Illio 006

Illio 005

Illio 003

Illio 002

Book Shots: The Education of a Poker Player/Argosy

17 Jan

The cover image of a tired old man with a loosened tie and granny-ashin’ cigarette was what first made me pick up this book. I thumbed through it for some more sad looking men playing poker, but instead found a cute illustrated pull-out for a men’s magazine called ARGOSY.

The Education of a Poker Player, 1961

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Book Shots: How Communication Helps Us

22 Sep

This little book comes by way of the Guadalupe Elementary School in San Jose, California, and marked “Discarded/Obsolete.” The cover alone was worth picking it up. The illustrations inside are made stunning with the use of simple punches of color. A delightfully dated collection of communication concepts.

How Communication Helps Us, 1964 By Sybil Anderson McCabe, pictures by Douglas Youngquist

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Book Shots: ICEBERGS

14 Sep

Despite the fact that I have no desire to procreate – and quite honestly, am generally uncomfortable in the company of children, I love their books.

I collect and savor children’s books – of course, from the 50’s and 60’s. The illustrations and colors, the typography, the hardcover mustiness. I recently came across a particularly wonderful book that I needed to share. These forgotten and discarded books can now live on forever in this segment I shall call — BOOK SHOTS! Huzzah!

ICEBERGS, 1964 By Roma Gans, Illustrated by Bobri

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