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Favorite things: Happy birthday Serene!

13 Mar

It is our blog mate Serene’s birfday today!
Serene has been an important part of our blog and a dear friend to each of us, so
this list was made up of things we thought she would enjoy!
Animal stuff, sleep inducing thangs, designer products we wish we could give
to her, and thingsthat would help Serene live up that rest and relaxation lifestyle she has going on.
ZZZZ lifestyle turned up ALL THE WAY TURNT UP.
We hope she has a wonderful day full of all her favorite things and people.

Row 1: Rastmatto Pillow case 38.00 Finn Juhl Sofa Urmanoff wine rack 499.00
Row 2: Midcentury Flashcards 25.00 Tea Pot 125.00 Paul Mccobb dish set 75.00
Row 3: Temporama Bar set 50.00 Condiment set 21.00 Floor Lamp 99.00
Row 4: Geometric Ring 69.00 George Nelson Clock 350.00 Rocking chair 1295.00
Row 5: Hedgehog Lint brush 125.00 Planter 36.00 Tub Caddy 130.00
Row 6: Tissue Holder 39.00 Sleepy Lavender Bath Bombs 11.25 Journal set 13.20

Atomic Ranch: Midcentury Interiors

8 Mar
Are you as excited about this book as we are?! The editor of the book, Jim Brown, was nice enough to do a short interview with Mimomito about his involvement with Mid Century Modernism and the launch of their new book, Atomic Ranch: Midcentury Interiors. Enjoy reading it and then go to the Atomic Ranch page and buy this pup.
Here is what to expect:
Explore eight fantastic ranch interiors in depth, from warm moderns and split-levels to tract homes and a retro traditional in our newest book. Regionally diverse, locations include East and West Coasts, as well as Cincinnati, Tulsa and Dallas. Homeowners share their experiences with economical finishes and furnishings to adding on a master suite and reworking a tight floor plan. Sidebars on vintage vs. original kitchens and baths, window replacement, paint colors and more give you plenty of inspiration for your own home.
Seriously, everything that Atomic Ranch does is golden. If you haven’t already, check out their current issue! It has a very large spread of Dane’s (from Sacramento Modern) gorgeous Eichler.
First off, how long have you been interested in Mid-Century design, and when did you realize there was a demand for print-form inspiration?


My big midcentury moment came when I was a freelance car photographer in Los Angeles and I landed the job to cover in Palm Springs the March 2001 Raymond Loewy Event, commemorating the 40-year anniversary of Loewy’s design of the Avanti automobile.  It was a weekend of exhibits and conferences and the organizers were based at the Orbit In; I had a room there, too. I was surrounded by midcentury furnishings, the exhibit was based at the (current) Visitors Center (an Albert Fry design) and there was a brunch at Lowey’s Fry-designed home in Palm Springs.  It was a total immersion in midcentury, something I was aware of (since I’m that age),  but never really articulated.It took several years for that to percolate and finally, in 2003 my wife Michelle (Gringeri-Brown) and I felt we could make a magazine dedicated to midcentury homes and homeowners. We both came  from magazine backgrounds, so we never considered any other format. Michelle had worked for many years on an Arts and Crafts-era magazine (American Bungalow) and my whole career as a photographer had been in editorial magazines (HotRod, Motor Trend, Car&Driver, Sunset).


Living our whole lives in southern California, working at/attending Art Center College of Design, and growing up during that time period, we were surrounded by midcentury but until that ‘moment’ it wasn’t something special that called for intense attention.  But then, once we opened our eyes, we saw it everywhere and knew it would be an interesting story.


Your last book is one of my absolute favorites; and it also featured fellow Sacramentans, Tony and Donna. How does it feel to have sold over 20,00 copies? What were your original expectations?


 I’m glad you liked Atomic Ranch: Design Ideas for Stylish Ranch Homes (quite a long title, huh?). Tony Natsoulas and his wife Donna (he’s a crazy creative ceramicist) drew us to Sacramento to photograph his Streng and they hooked us up with Paul Torrigino and Richard Guiterrez who also own a Streng. It was interesting to see the variation from the standard Eichler design.


It’s great that our first book keeps selling after six years; it’s in its sixth printing. People who now come to our magazine and find that the early issues are sold out have the opportunity to see many of the same houses in a shortened form in the book. That first book is a broad survey of the topic; it illustrates the major characteristics of the architecture and shows the commonality of ranches despite the wide geographic range. That’s really been our main theme from the beginning — good ranches can be found almost everywhere.


 Through your books, do you continue to draw inspiration for your own personal home style? 


 More like drawing envy from all the homes I’ve visited. I wish we could start acquiring art for our ranch like I see in the featured homes.  We’re still changing our furnishings, finding what works for us and our pets and editing what we don’t need.  We’re fairly minimalist in our aesthetic and really not into collecting “things.”


What do you hope readers gain from your newest book, Atomic Ranch: Midcentury Interiors?


For Atomic Ranch: Midcentury Interiors, I hope that in addition to seeing that ranches are everywhere, people will appreciate styles that perhaps don’t speak viscerally to them but still fit within the midcentury framework and have value.  To a broader audience, the people who never even considered a ranch before, I hope they’ll see how practical and beautiful they can be. We limited the book to just eight homes,  but those eight were carefully selected for stylistic and geographical diversity and also that each had enough depth to support 20-24 pages of coverage. After reading the whole book, I hope that people are inspired by the ideas they see and also use the tools and resources the text provides to emulate the midcentury look.

Favorite things: Happy Birthday Toni!

22 Feb

Our dear blog mate Toni, has been born on this day! We put together this “favorite list” of things we think she would enjoy! Stuff like  party invitations because Toni loves to bring people together! Melmac dishware, pastel colors, Owl soap for her owl themed bathroom and CAPES. You might not have known this about us Mimomito gals…but we do enjoy duh capes! Anyways, we love Toni, we hope she has a wonderful birthday, and hope she knows that if we could get her all this stuff and so much more we would. Happy freaking birthday Toni-you are amazing!

Row 1: Pyrex 110.00 Teak Bookcases 2,575.00 50’s Wiggle dress 

Row2: Atomic glasses 59.00 Invitations 15.00 Lazy Susan 58.00
Row 3: Red Cape 69.00 Owl soap 5.25 Jax 150.00
Row 4: Tea cosy 31.00 Aqua Tray 24.99 Melmac Set 25.00
Row 5: Salterini chairs 550.00 Nakashima tables Barkcloth pillow case 64.00
Row 6: Starburst clock 295.00 Poodle skirt 64.00 Cake stand 146.00

Westinghouse washer and dryer in Reno

11 Feb

This washer/dryer combo is from an estate in the Reno area and apparently works perfectly. Seller isn’t being exactly.. clear as to what he wants for the price, but it made me want to look through old Westinghouse ads. Old colorized appliance ads just warm my guts! Oh, and here’s the original craigslist post for you to peruse.

The Westinghouse floor fan. The tray flips upside down to store, and the flip-side is a soft footstool. I love those gold-rimmed glasses and the bright red butterfly chair!

“Westinghouse Roll-out Wash Well.” I love the clean simplicity of everything in this photo – EXCEPT the contents of the wash well! It looks like a trash compactor, and perhaps little Ethel should get her hands out of there.

Washer and dryer combo – but what is this contraption to the left? Well, apparently it’s an ice box with “Cold injector.”

Favorite things: Lost in a Sunset

8 Feb

My list for this week was inspired by a sunset. Yeah yeah. Trite but what-evs. It was challenging for myself because there happens to be a lot of pink tones in a sunset. Who woulda thunk?! This was hard for yours truly because I am a person who seldom buys or even looks at anything pink. Ever. The only time I ever did so was when there was this really neat pink and green power ranger shirt at Kmart. The Power Rangers were throwing their fist into the earth and this huge gold lightning bolt came out of the ground!!! I had to have it. They were showing the earth monsters who was boss.
So ya know. I am the type of color person who sticks to one thing. Dark, gloomy, and moody. I am pretty sure I am not alone. I know there has to be more of you out there that are in the color ruts. So, I tried my best to play with colors I normally wouldn’t and I am pretty pleased with my baby steps. Just the other day I bought pretty pale pink flats and OH my goodness I am actually wearing them-Today! PAT ON MY BACK. I am like becoming a lady or something.

Row 1: Eames chair 325.00 Machine Print21.99 Rock night light 35.00
Row 2: Tumblers 65.00 Pretty in pink lamp 200.00 Burl cutting board 85.00
Row 3: Eagle 45.00 Greek Horse 72.00 Metal file 32.00
Row 4: Bath Salts 30.00 S&P shakers 74.99 Candle Holders 150.00
Row 5: Book case 995.00 Vase 18.00 Lace shower curtain 29.99
Row 6: Fox Door knocker 92.00 Cedar box 5.00 1950’s chandelier 495.00

Attention pet owners: Sassy can have her own stylish platform bed

8 Feb

And shouldn’t your pet get everything they ever want? And look good doin’ it? Yes, that’s what I thought. Etsy seller 15Degrees (who sells out of our fantastic Sacramento area,) is selling on Etsy and on Craigslist his adorable pet platform beds. Hand-made miniature versions of popular designs or in the style of MCM design. I love how simple and cute they are!

Case Study Inspired Pet Bed on Etsy, $75.00

Mid Century Style Doggy Bed on Craigslist, $75.00

Check out 15Degrees on Etsy, or look at his current post on Craigslist.


These are a list of my most favorite things

1 Feb

Sometimes I like to put a group of items together in a list. It’s exciting for me to see them all in a line, the way they could play on one another’s awesomeness, the color, shape, and texture. I get so stoked and giddy. Yeah. It is the real “daring” things in life that yours truly finds entertaining folks. If I start placing a picture of a Geode and a Acapulco chair together, I am like a child on Christmas morning. Any hoot here is a list I put together this week, of things that I have been gawking over. I’ll be making some more soon…maybe I’ll get real tickled and I’ll do some themed groups. Oh the fun to be had!

Row 1: Danish  S&P shakers 16.00 Coffee table 629.00 Glass Terrarium 58.00
Row 2: Chemex coffee maker Cow skull 145.00 Faceted Votive 20.00
Row 3: Wood wall art 100.00 Acoma Vase 40.00 Celeste Stool 568.00
Row 4: Tea towel 20.00 Rainforest Print 27.00 Midcentury side table 449.00
Row 5: Barnacles storage 240.00 Midcentury glasses 16.00 Clay owls 20.00
Row 6: Wooden Mountain toy 25.00 Golden paper bowl 68.00 Acapulco chair

Hello California. I love you.

27 Jan

I’ve found my dream desk! It’s these wonderful California shaped pieces by J. Rusten Furniture Studio.
I am pretty much in love with them… I’m even contemplating destroying my savings account to get one. Literally destroying it. I am gonna rip it into tiny pieces and throw them pieces over a cliff. Hopefully at the bottom of this cliff there is a trashcan that will catch all these tiny pieces. I don’t believe in littering.
I know some of you might be real tired of the “state shaped” trend.  It’s been done so many ways and in some cases very unfortunately.  This desk looks so good though! The wood, the craftsmanship! Man oh man,  I’ d be soooo okay  having a huge shape of Cali in my house!  Because California is the state  of good days, love, and dreaming.
Here is a bit taken from their Etsy page that explains why the wood they use looks so freaking amazing.
“Claro walnut, a perfect analog to the left coast’s culture and people, possesses a spectrum of colors and textures, unique among wood species. And, it’s rare. Because Claro walnut is not harvested commercially at any significant scale, it is obtained mostly through small, independent sawyers who are able to spare displaced or dead trees from the landfill or chipper. Since the species is no longer planted in the orchards, it’s availability is finite and shrinking year by year.”

It looks good right?! Delivery also appears to be free for any person living in the San Francisco area.  Yay San Francisco!

Charles & Ray Eames documentary now online!

11 Jan

Watch Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter on

Last month, the Mimomito staff was lucky enough to join SacMod and AIACV for their screening of Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter. Well, no need to purchase or wait for PBS to run it again, it is now online for your viewing pleasure! So pull a couch up to your computer, don’t get any popcorn in your keyboard, and enjoy!

Here are some photos from SacMod and AIACV’s screening.
It was a packed house! And Ian of SacMod surprised us all with a Skype session with the Eames’ grandson, Eames Demetrios. He told us a bit about his Grandmother Ray, and what a sunny and wonderful person she was. It was a great way to begin the documentary.

Herman Miller lent some comfortable seating for the show.

If you’re interested in more screenings and movies, follow SacMod on Facebook! This month, January 22nd, is INFINITE SPACE: The Architecture of John Lautner. Hope to see you there, too!

School House Electric & Supply Co.

11 Jan

I thought I’d share this nifty company School House with ya’ll –  just in case some of you were not aware of it’s being!
They don’t sell very Mid Century Modern items, but more in the Art Deco style. Which is cool for all you folks who have one of those houses built prior to the 1960s, with rounded corners and glassblock accents! Our friends just bought a beautiful two bedroom Deco style house in Land Park, and I could see that neighborhood of houses benefiting from this website :D

Sometimes older houses get their original lighting taken out and replaced with wispy leaf sconce that have gold specks on the glass. I know, I HAD ONE – and I’m sure there’s someone else out there reading this blog who understands what I am talking about. Another terrible thing about losing an original sconce is that almost all new sconces look like wispy leaves and finding vintage ones in good condition is damn near impossible.

School House would be a great solution for anyone who has a bootiful craftsman, artdeco home that previous owners remodeled in the 80’s or 90’s, and would like to bring it back to it’s original glory. Or it’s great for those of us who just like vintage designs!

They also sell numbers, hinges, and a whole lot more. Check ’em out to see if there is anything there that you have been looking for! School House Electric & Supply Co.

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