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New Decorating Book: 1981

9 Jul

Not particularily Midcentury, but this book has some nice interiors.
I especially love all the plants! MID MOD009








Interiors: Inside Today’s Homes 1954

8 Jul

I’ve been trying to scan in a lot of the old books I’ve collected on Midcentury interiors. Here’s one of my favorites that I have. mid_1001
A bootiful shot of Girards living room photographed by Charles Eames himself!

Happy Friday.

30 Nov

Boogie down this weekend, folks. Despite that monstrous storm outside :) poor big ol’ side table STILL hasn’t sold! $100 in Roseville. looks like this thing lived through the dust bowl. But we all know that isn’t true.. $300 takes this weird 70’s dining set and bar cart.$40 for both lil’ dressers!

List#6: Manly man

5 Apr

This list is for dudes.I dont know if I did a good job cuz for sure I am no dude but I tried my darndest to pick things dudes might like.

Row 1: Porcelain Beaver 150.00 Burl Clock 48.00 Hesterberg Table 1395.00
Row2: Serving set 30.00 Double Butter table Grasp Bowl 35.00
Row 3: 1970 Chandelier 485.00 Sofa 1700.00 Lindberg cards 40.00
Row 4: Shelving System 1147.00 Man soap 17.00 Barcardi by Patrick Marasso
Row 5: Molecular Model 40.00 Bertoia Lounge 720.00 Candle Holder 118.00
Row 6: Agate coasters 24.00 Hanging Planter 68.00 Cocktail Glassware 12.00

Favorite things: Number five

22 Mar

Row 1: Women in history glasses 14.00 Cabinet 325.00 Portrait 52.00
Row 2: Chandelier 319.00 Gustavsberg Bersa dish Rock Mountains 32.00
Row 3: Burl table 850.00 Cow hide 259.00 Table lighter 35.00
Row 4: Staghorn Fern 50.00 Kilim Pillow 75.55 Safari Chair
Row 5: DIY Pipe shelving Clock 63.75 Modern Architecture book 49.95
Row 6: Case study planter 189.00 Kaj Frank bowl 90.00 Bench 525.00

Favorite things: Happy birthday Serene!

13 Mar

It is our blog mate Serene’s birfday today!
Serene has been an important part of our blog and a dear friend to each of us, so
this list was made up of things we thought she would enjoy!
Animal stuff, sleep inducing thangs, designer products we wish we could give
to her, and thingsthat would help Serene live up that rest and relaxation lifestyle she has going on.
ZZZZ lifestyle turned up ALL THE WAY TURNT UP.
We hope she has a wonderful day full of all her favorite things and people.

Row 1: Rastmatto Pillow case 38.00 Finn Juhl Sofa Urmanoff wine rack 499.00
Row 2: Midcentury Flashcards 25.00 Tea Pot 125.00 Paul Mccobb dish set 75.00
Row 3: Temporama Bar set 50.00 Condiment set 21.00 Floor Lamp 99.00
Row 4: Geometric Ring 69.00 George Nelson Clock 350.00 Rocking chair 1295.00
Row 5: Hedgehog Lint brush 125.00 Planter 36.00 Tub Caddy 130.00
Row 6: Tissue Holder 39.00 Sleepy Lavender Bath Bombs 11.25 Journal set 13.20

Favorite things: Happy Birthday Toni!

22 Feb

Our dear blog mate Toni, has been born on this day! We put together this “favorite list” of things we think she would enjoy! Stuff like  party invitations because Toni loves to bring people together! Melmac dishware, pastel colors, Owl soap for her owl themed bathroom and CAPES. You might not have known this about us Mimomito gals…but we do enjoy duh capes! Anyways, we love Toni, we hope she has a wonderful birthday, and hope she knows that if we could get her all this stuff and so much more we would. Happy freaking birthday Toni-you are amazing!

Row 1: Pyrex 110.00 Teak Bookcases 2,575.00 50’s Wiggle dress 

Row2: Atomic glasses 59.00 Invitations 15.00 Lazy Susan 58.00
Row 3: Red Cape 69.00 Owl soap 5.25 Jax 150.00
Row 4: Tea cosy 31.00 Aqua Tray 24.99 Melmac Set 25.00
Row 5: Salterini chairs 550.00 Nakashima tables Barkcloth pillow case 64.00
Row 6: Starburst clock 295.00 Poodle skirt 64.00 Cake stand 146.00

Westinghouse washer and dryer in Reno

11 Feb

This washer/dryer combo is from an estate in the Reno area and apparently works perfectly. Seller isn’t being exactly.. clear as to what he wants for the price, but it made me want to look through old Westinghouse ads. Old colorized appliance ads just warm my guts! Oh, and here’s the original craigslist post for you to peruse.

The Westinghouse floor fan. The tray flips upside down to store, and the flip-side is a soft footstool. I love those gold-rimmed glasses and the bright red butterfly chair!

“Westinghouse Roll-out Wash Well.” I love the clean simplicity of everything in this photo – EXCEPT the contents of the wash well! It looks like a trash compactor, and perhaps little Ethel should get her hands out of there.

Washer and dryer combo – but what is this contraption to the left? Well, apparently it’s an ice box with “Cold injector.”

Favorite things: Lost in a Sunset

8 Feb

My list for this week was inspired by a sunset. Yeah yeah. Trite but what-evs. It was challenging for myself because there happens to be a lot of pink tones in a sunset. Who woulda thunk?! This was hard for yours truly because I am a person who seldom buys or even looks at anything pink. Ever. The only time I ever did so was when there was this really neat pink and green power ranger shirt at Kmart. The Power Rangers were throwing their fist into the earth and this huge gold lightning bolt came out of the ground!!! I had to have it. They were showing the earth monsters who was boss.
So ya know. I am the type of color person who sticks to one thing. Dark, gloomy, and moody. I am pretty sure I am not alone. I know there has to be more of you out there that are in the color ruts. So, I tried my best to play with colors I normally wouldn’t and I am pretty pleased with my baby steps. Just the other day I bought pretty pale pink flats and OH my goodness I am actually wearing them-Today! PAT ON MY BACK. I am like becoming a lady or something.

Row 1: Eames chair 325.00 Machine Print21.99 Rock night light 35.00
Row 2: Tumblers 65.00 Pretty in pink lamp 200.00 Burl cutting board 85.00
Row 3: Eagle 45.00 Greek Horse 72.00 Metal file 32.00
Row 4: Bath Salts 30.00 S&P shakers 74.99 Candle Holders 150.00
Row 5: Book case 995.00 Vase 18.00 Lace shower curtain 29.99
Row 6: Fox Door knocker 92.00 Cedar box 5.00 1950’s chandelier 495.00

These are a list of my most favorite things

1 Feb

Sometimes I like to put a group of items together in a list. It’s exciting for me to see them all in a line, the way they could play on one another’s awesomeness, the color, shape, and texture. I get so stoked and giddy. Yeah. It is the real “daring” things in life that yours truly finds entertaining folks. If I start placing a picture of a Geode and a Acapulco chair together, I am like a child on Christmas morning. Any hoot here is a list I put together this week, of things that I have been gawking over. I’ll be making some more soon…maybe I’ll get real tickled and I’ll do some themed groups. Oh the fun to be had!

Row 1: Danish  S&P shakers 16.00 Coffee table 629.00 Glass Terrarium 58.00
Row 2: Chemex coffee maker Cow skull 145.00 Faceted Votive 20.00
Row 3: Wood wall art 100.00 Acoma Vase 40.00 Celeste Stool 568.00
Row 4: Tea towel 20.00 Rainforest Print 27.00 Midcentury side table 449.00
Row 5: Barnacles storage 240.00 Midcentury glasses 16.00 Clay owls 20.00
Row 6: Wooden Mountain toy 25.00 Golden paper bowl 68.00 Acapulco chair

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