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Streng duplex in Natomas for rent

20 Mar

Alan and I are looking to move to a different neighborhood, and so I’ve been scouring Craigslist with Toni to find a nice little two bedroom. Of course that means lurking the Strengs in Natomas. This one is a two bedroom, one and a half bathroom for $960.00 a month. A little too far for us, but someone could get one spacious delight of a half-housey.

Looking to move into your Sacramentan atomic dreamhouse?

4 Mar

Somewhere in North Sacramento near Winding Way, a two bedroom house with atrium for $945.00 A MONTH! I love Sacramento, so cheap. Check it out

Not looking to rent, you say? How about a three bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Citrus Heights for $218,000? If only this were just plopped in the middle of Midtown. Check it on out, sucka

This little Tahoe Park home has the title “charming 1950’s beautiful tree lined street.” Yeah. As a two bedroom for $950.00 a month, that old school kitchen is hard to resist. Looky looky!

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