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Estate Sale in San Mateo this weekend

21 Jan

For all yee land lubbers in San Francisco and the Bay Area, there looks like a great Estate Sale going on down south in San Mateo. Ah, San Mateo, they have some great chinese food places in their downtown area. So when you work up an appetite after your estate saling, you can’t say I didn’t steer you right.

The estate sale is going from today, Friday, until Sunday. Check out this eye sore of a website for more information, pictures, and directions.

This Weekend!

7 Jan

It’s the Second Sunday Antique Faire time again! Make sure to get them steals n’ deals! We’ll see if I feel like braving the harsh winter air.

There will also be an estate sale in Oakland. There is some mention of Mid-Century furniture goin’ on. It’ll be going on tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday only. Could be promising? I’ll be driving down to Corning to look at a sweet 1980’s Toyota van, so I won’t be attending. :D

Another estate sale is going on in Elk Grove on Friday, the 8th. Doesn’t look to mid-century, but it’s close-by. Go to that tasty Mongolian Grill in the strip mall they got there, oh my! They cook your food on a rotating block with pool cues!

Weekend Excursions: Northern and Southern California

17 Dec

1000.00 in Hanford CA. It’s pricey…but there’s a whole lotta wood involved with this thing.
Original post
Two of these bootiful porch chairs for 140.00 in Modesto.
Original post

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Weekend Excursions: San Francisco Bay

17 Dec

$600.00 for the set and other HM goodies from nice folks at Great Dane Modern (Original Post)

$40.00 in Emeryville. (Original Post)

$100.00 from the same seller. (Original Post)

$65.00 in San Rafael. Hey now what’s that smell – we must be in San Rafael. (Original Post)

Wacky ergo chair, $65.00 in SF. (Original Post)

Mini-arc lamp for $150.00 in SF from MCMF. (Original Post)

Reupholstered Kofod Larsen chair for $495.00 in Oaktooown (Original Post)

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Weekend Excursions

12 Nov

“The original color was tourquoise, which leads me to believe it is 60’s retro chair, it is now red. Good condition, sturdy, no cracks or chips. Might be able to deliver”

This plastic bean is going for 15 dollars in Salinas. He appears to be very angry that he is no longer his original turquoise color.
Original post

I think me and the color yellow have really come to understand one another. This chair is being sold for 185.00 in Martinez.
Ps. Isnt it super cute that the seller set up a living arangement for their post?
Original post

HELLO CHAIR! I THINK I LOVE YOU! Seller is asking 65 cash for this bootiful treasure. It is located in South San Francisco.
Original post

Cork (hey now no ideas with that-this thing is for light) floor lamp is going for 75.00 in Redding.
Original post

“Hi, Offered for sale is this super cool, mid century modern blond Formica coffee table. The blond wood grain Formica top is in good condition with a few minor scuffs and light scratches due to its age. The edge of the table is painted black to match the black hairpin legs.”

This table is going for 40.00 in Grass valley.
Original post

Weekend Excursions: Bay Area

12 Nov

I say, we may be taking a day trip to the bay. Oakland is where we’d like to drive, where hopefully we’d arrive to thrift stores that were alive with awesome mid century treasures. That would be a pleasure.

Golly, I sure am excited. Can you recommend any good thrift stores in or near Oakland?

Here are some good lookin’ things that you can check out if you’ll also be in or around the bay area:

Walnut dresser – $79 bucks-Vallejo (original post)

Slat bench – $250 – Glen Park (original post)

This person seems to have been a hoarder. See those blonde end tables and the dresser? They can be viewed at this Aptos estate sale (original post)

Rose would love this. I’m not sure how much it is, but it can be found in Berkeley. (Original post)

Hanging lamp – $145 – San Rafael (original post)

Cute chair – $175 – SF (original post)

Weekend Excursions: SF Bay Area

5 Nov

For you to get out there and shake that hog, HOO BOY!

$350.00 Paul McCobb in San Mateo! (Original Post)

$5.00 – a seller in Hayward is going crazy! Check out all their stuff! Including the next item..(Original Post)

This $10.00 lamp! (Original Post) Check their post for a link to a photobucket with more available CHEAP items.

$450.00 for the table, $220.00 per chair. That’s $1330.00 for the set, yeesh. If you’re INTO IT. In Fremont. (Original Post)

Teeny love seat. Look at that velvety greeniness. Wooosh. $300.00 in SF. (Original Post)

$75.00 for the set of — GREEN bedroom furniture. @ Sebastopol. (Original Post)

$150.00 for the set in San Jose. (Original Post)

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Weekend Excursions: The Yay Area, Craigslist Edition

14 Oct

Hey hey! Lots of great stuff listed in the Bay Area this week, you should trot on down and take a look for yourself. Go have a picnic and enjoy the 10-20 degree drop in temperature as soon as you get to Vallejo. Take in that fog, and take in some tasty new pieces.

Otto otto ottoman! $125 in San Jose. (Original Post)

No brand listed, but seller says “finished back and aluminum pulls with wood insert in a manner of George Nelson.” $675.00 in Fremont (Original Post)

Vitra’s Eames DAR, “buy it now” on eBay listed for $380, buy it in SF for $220. (Original Post)

six cups for $5.00. Emeryville, my good man. (Original Post)

four chairs for $200, jeeuh! Walnut Creek. (Original Post)

Broyhill dresser for sale in San Jose, $850.00 (Original Post)

Eek! $30! San Jose! (Original Post)

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Sale Away: Yay Area.

14 Oct

Serene has been sending me eye candy like this all evening and I am very into it.

If you happen to be heading to the bay this weekend, try to stop by these yard sales:

This 1960’s estate sale is in Berkeley. They seem to have lots of blonde furniture, and I’m really lovin’ that compact formica dinette. original post)


This is the sale I am most excited about. Based on the photos, they seem to have a little somethin’ from the each of the big names (Saarinen, Eames, etc). I am completely sad that I won’t be able to make it but if you can take photos of all the madness, that would be awesome! I’m sure people are camping out for this one. (original post)

Weekend Excursions: Hutch in San Leandro

9 Oct

I’m curious about the two different wood finishes – as well as styles in drawer-pull hardware. Is this here piece a Frankenstein? A rad addition to any home, maybe just get that hardware on the same page. $265.00 in San Leandro, that’s a 2 hour drive, sucka! (Original Post)

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