Bay Area for cheap

13 Apr

Is that even real?
Can you have bay area things for a good deal.
Yes. I think so.
A deal can be had anywhere my dear Mimomito.
I am bummed I didnt develop this further but I am gonna.
It’s something I really want to figure out and get good at.
I got franz in that bootiful little city, they need nice stuff too.

113.00 Mission

75.00 Alameda
45.00 Martinez
I only picked this thing because of this hilarious cat.
80.00 Freemont
135.00 Concord
Like the brass circles on these guys. So good.
80.00 Hercules
‘I saw the sun and it opened up my eyes’ Am I the only one that thinks they say sun instead of sign?
225.00 Santa Rosa
HUGE rug. Yes yes. Love rug.
140.00 Alameda
Need a lil work but do have a cool little bendy lip at the top of this precious bean.
Does anyone else like this cokey brass pieces of furniture? Is it just me? Ya can put your bootiful plants on them guys!
75.00 San Franny
Why hello bootiful. HELLO.

80.00 Richmond
Hutch might be something all yall think is kinda too difficult to get or put in your home…but just in case theres some one out there who wants a cheap thing. Here it is!

150.00 Alamo Square
Like these a lot. Look real classy office like.
95.00 Hayward
I like how messed up this thing is. Too bad there is only one.
If you have a bar and like to eat along this guys for you.

Says Urn. Which makes me a lil uncomfortable because I dont know anything and immediately associate the word with death powder. In any case this thing is huge and a nice color. Hopefully someone’s Great Aunt Helga wasnt once residing there.
33.00 Mission
Love this guys stuff. It’s always cheap and always good.


12 Apr

Hi Mimomito. It’s been too long my friends.

Far too long. Been a terrible blogger. I am sorry for that.

Here’s a couple things high to low.

I was hoping to find somehting swell to make up for my absence but did not come up with anything spectacular.

I am keeping my eyes peeled though guys!

275.00 Sacramento Ca

Make an offer in Auburn

700.00 Sacramento
I love Rya rugs. They are so soft and colorful. Look so good with teak!

50.00 Folsom
25.00 in Antelope
Neat little floor lamp for a cheap cheap price.

325.00 Roseville
Man this thing is great looking. A lil too spendy for me but if you got the money spend da money! That bottom shelf is such a nice touch!

325.00 Roseville 3E43K93Ha5Nd5O25Mfd4b909ebd9e48801cf7
75.00 Sacramento
This is for the boho babes or the tiki fun.


70.00 in Roseville

Seller states that it needs to be refinished! Could be a neat little guy once it’s done.


40.00 Walnut Grove

Kinda of a cheapy starter thing.


400.00 Rya Rug in Sacramento

55.00 Sacramento
The location just says antique so I guess its from days of old town.

Do Not Want: Herman Miller’s worst nightmare

23 Jan
Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 3.52.06 PM
Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 4.07.42 PM
Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 4.08.10 PM
Usually when one reads the words “Herman Miller sectional” on this website one would feel a combination of joy and elation in a deal well-found.
Presenting: The Herman Miller Sectional that makes dogs puke when they see it.
My first impression upon viewing this ad was a sickeningly pink tone reminiscent of cell structure or pig intestines – some thing or another I hated from high school biology. The poster is quick to mention that the couch was ‘reupholstered in the 90’s” as if its current condition is somehow benefited by this fact.
Apparently the sofa has lived most of its life in the hands of his/her grandmother, who is either dead or very, very disappointed.
The poster mentions the abuse by the cats but does not seem to indicate who or what exactly bled out on the far end of the sofa to create such a horrendous stain. (They say it’s water, but we know the truth.)
Finally, after demanding the full price and not offering any help with delivery, the poster continues their extreme audacity by saying that they might “cry when it leaves.”
Cry? CRY?
Did you cry for the 7 years you let your cats use this as their feces harem?
Did you cry when you found the nest of raccoons underneath the third cushion?
Did you cry when George Nelson HIMSELF got stabbed and died while hanging out in your gross garage?
For shame, sir or madam. For shame.
… All that said, for 100 bucks, it’s a pretty good start to a project if you first KILL IT WITH FIRE and then begin from the frame up.
By Alan L. (lover of 1960’s doll houses)


12 Jan

Sorry guys. We been taking an extended holiday vacation. We back though…and my new years resolution is to be on top of all things craigslist.

Here is some finds from this week!
500.00 Davis
80.00 Sacramento Two of these desks!
20.00 Modesto Twenty a chair! OH MY. These will go nice for you rustic enthusiasts!
15.00 Antelope
150.00 Lincoln This table has a metal top. Super easy for cleaning!


900.00 for the two tables-sideboard-Roseville

45.00 Folsom
550.00 Manteca

150.00 Sacramento

275.00 Lodi

125.00 Davis

Rose and Ben’s Christmas Decor.

24 Dec

Here is me and Ben’s attempt at an Alexander Girard inspired christmas tree. After much stalling and frustratin’ myself over the right kinda paper, and the colors, buh, I decided that it isn’t exactly what I would have liked it to look like…but maybe next year we will refine! That’s a great thing about Christmas…it comes again next year. So I have come to comfort myself in saying that each year is another opportunity to make it better. That’s pretty optimistic right? YUP. YUP. That’s what I am trying to be about dear Mimomito. We shall see how long that lasts.

David’s Holiday Setup

24 Dec

David's 2012 MCM Christmas

Thank you for sending us your beautiful Eames-filled home with Mimomito, David!
Still haven’t sent us your holiday decor photos? Shoot ’em over to !

PDX Picker is coming to the Bay Area!

21 Dec

Friend of Mimomito Chris aka The PDX Picker from Portland, Oregon will be bringing down pieces to sell specifically around Christmas time. What a perfect last minute gift – if even to yourself or to your living room!
Chris has a lot of great pieces at negotiable prices, so don’t be afraid to contact him if there’s anything you like. He’ll be arranging pick-up out of Oakland, but for furniture traveling from Portland – I think that’s a pretty great deal, don’t you?

Lounge Chair by Kroehler. Reupholstered on 10/20/12.
Asking $295 obo.

1958 Saarinen Side Chair. Reupholstered on 9/7/12. Asking $275 obo.

Maple live edge log slice with Eames aluminum group base. Asking $600 obo.

Check out more of the PDX Picker’s inventory on his flickr page and drop him a line if you have any questions about his furniture.

GIT’R’DONE: Rose’s Papel Picado Snowflakes

17 Dec

Papel picado (“perforated paper”) is a decorative craft made out of paper cut into elaborate designs. Although it is a Mexican folk art, papel picado is used as a holiday decoration in many countries. The designs are commonly cut from tissue paper using a guide and small chisels, creating as many as forty banners at a time.”


r1-04902-0020Serene came over yesterday and we had a delightful time making making these snowflakes.
Here’s a little how to for you mimomito folks in case you are willing and wanting to do your own!
Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide: Modern Bohemian

14 Dec

01. Animal Print Shop American Buffalo
02. Pendleton 5TH Avenue Glacier Park Throw
03. The Savannah Faux Taxidermy
04.Glass Daimond
05. Braniff International Playing Cards Designed By Alexander Girard
06. Macrame Wall Hanging
07. Hanna Tea Towel
08. Triangle Baskets
09. Kilim Pillow Case
10. Maple Burl Wood Turned Bowl

The Holiday Hadley Home

13 Dec

This isn’t the last you’ll be seeing of Heather and David Hadley’s house, the Hadleys recently were sweet enough to let us snap photos for a home tour to be featured here on Mimomito. Oh snap, indeed. Check back soon for that home tour – there’s so much more to be seen in this Carmichael gem.

Bison!hadley treemarshmellow birdieshadley lights

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