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Moody Monday

8 Jul

I haven’t been back to work since Wed’s. GUH.

Here’s some Craigslists finds to get us through this gloomy Monday.

25.00 Sacramento
I am gonna put myself out there and say I think these guys have potential to make a space look good. Especially if you are going for an eclectic bohemian look.
100.00 Napa
Holy smokes! Get this to throw in some Girard charm in your life.
1190.00 Sacramento
Long and low in bootiful condition.
150.00 Cole Valley


250.00 Martinez

The colors and possibilities with these stacking tables are awesome.


75.00 Grassy Valley

Cheap little mosaic table on hairpin legs! YES PLEASE.


75.00 Sacramento

Well hello Tiki dreams. HELLO.


129.00 Sacramento

Cheap little high boy!


150.00 Berkley

Partly I am amused by this and then also really curious how a huge green hulk hand would look in a room. I dunno guys. I dunno.


180.00 Noe Valley

Sweet little chair!



125.00 each in Sacramento

I love those little bucket chairs. Could prolly sit nicely in a covered porch.


620.00 Castro

This piece seems like it would work for someone living in the bay area!


I skimmed the post and didnt see a location that bit me in the face. Seems like a nice piece for someone with a big living room.

Christmas gifts from the internets.

8 Dec

Heres some things floating around cyber space that you may want to get for your loved ones (or you) for the holidays.

Get this for your nerdy design friend. 50.00 plus 15.00 for US shipping at bookhou.

Get your friends some nice art for their wall!
15.00 from Illustrator Chris lee at the beast shoppe.

Monsieur III print by Blanca Gomez for 30.00

Silkscreen Broklyn for 55.00 from Wayne Pate

NOM NOM Whale keeps all your nerdy friend’s stuff safe! 50.00 on the utilitycollective.

Danish Modern Butterfly Pendant Light Design by Lars Schioler 50.00 on Modernspecific

Praying teak troll for 35.00 on Austin Modern

Read the description for this gooseneck lamp. It may end up making you want to spend the rest of your life together.
20.00 Kc suz

12.00 Harold and mod

6.00 at Moxiethrift


How rad would this have been to get this electric pink cash register?! 55.00 at goodlookin

Oh the cute is too much. 15.00 Monkivintage

One moar! 18.00 Monkivintage

Christmas stuffs

Adorably illustrated table runner for 35.00 Merrirose

43.00 at Betty and June Shoppe

12.00 at studios black bird

100.00 at aplusrstore

Craigslist: Coffee table 50.00- Foresthill

4 Nov

“1950’s Laminated wood Coffee Table and Wood Cat Lamp. 51” L x 18″w x 16″h_ $50 “

Original post

Craigslist: Coffee table 125.00: Merced

24 Oct

I dunno why…but boomerang coffee tables er kidney shape always remind me of anime. That illogical mental connection isn’t all that bad. I’ve been reminded now that I have to finish Cowboy Bepop and the weather today is perfect for such an activity. Thank you coffee table for being beautiful and kind to my anime needs.
Original post

Craigslist: Chair 65.00: Curtis park

24 Oct

I love these arm rests! The color of the fabric is pretty great as well. Only thing is I’d like to see it in person to check out that chair back.
The seller is also selling another chair that looks like it may need loving hands. Chairs are selling each for 65.00 and both for a hundred.
Original post

Craigslist: Dresser 125.00: Citrus Heights

24 Oct

Oh how I fancy dressers with mirrors. So many functions it can take on! Also the seller was clever enough to be able to take a photo of the mirror without being in the mirror (did that make sense?). That is crafty:

“This is one sharp looking and well made dresser. Purchased in 1970 from Montgomery Ward, it’s been very well taken care of ever since. It’s constructed of thick, solid wood, and made by Style House Exclusive. The mirror screws into the back. The drawers slide easily and are tongue in groove. This chest of drawers measures 52″ long, 30″ tall, and 18″ deep”

Original post

Craigslist: Lotta it

22 Oct

I’ve got my second wind! Heres some stuff from a little bit of everywhere.

One day I am going to own a coffee table with legs like that. The seller didnt list the measurements but the table looks small and great for putting plants on top of.
It’s being sold for 90.00 dollars in oakland lake merritt / grand.
Original post

Look at this thing! Look at it. Doesn’t even seem like underneath all that paint theres metal strength. This metal cart is being sold for 125.00 in Oakland lake merritt / grand.
Original post

Hello potential bar. How are you. Oh that’s right your wonderful and economically priced/great.

“Wonderful Danish Modern / Mid-Century Cabinet
with sliding door in front. In good condition.
Width 36″
Depth 19″
Height 31.5”

Original post

Soft yellow and white dresser set. It’s selling for 50.00 in Castro Valley Hills by Lake Chabo. I guess you might want to hurry and check out the original post if your into it. Seller is very adamant that this thing will not last long. And this seller is prolly right. 50?! (PS. I am not sure if that’s actually wood or not…so if you’re making a trip out there…maybe you wanna ask?)

Maybe I am alone on this one. Old salon chair though has me interest.
It’s being sold for 25.00 in oakland piedmont / montclair
Original post

AH! Too much storage. JK. Theres never enough of that.
This set is being sold for 280.00 in Santa Rosa.
Original post

Craigslist: Couch 100.00: San Bruno

22 Oct

Nah but this couch looks like it has lotsa potential. And is priced pretty decently for uh today’s times.

“Gold sofa with slant legs and sturdy construction. Back can be slid over to use as a corner unit or in the middle as a sofa or off totally for a bed. Material is in pretty good shape but has one small hole. Original sale ad from purchase. Would be fantastic if recovered.”

Original post

Craigslist: Get your lawn lounge on-Stockton

19 Oct

I like sitting outside, and I like rocking chairs. This thing has both. Only thing left to complete thee art of outside lounging is some sun tea. Bliss!
Original post

Craigslist-Danish desk-East Sacramento

19 Oct

“Post-1950’s large solid wood desk in good condition. Mid century danish styling. Unique shape. Has 2 drawers and 1 pull-out shelf. Finished on both sides so it can float in the room. Top has some minor nicks, dings and scratches (normal wear and tear).
Length: 7 ft
Width: 3 ft
Height: 2 ft 5 in”

This bad boy has pretty much all the great things midmod furniture offers. A great shape, interesting texture/color, nifty hardware, and duh duh na nah floating desktop!
7ft long is a serious amount of desk so ya know you can do things like sew, eat, internet, create, type, whatever your heart desires. It’s being sold for 300.00 in East Sacramento.
Original Post

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