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Bay Area scores.

18 Jan

$125.00 in Martinez
I love this guy’s gold tipped feet and weird lookin’ construction. Even the weird checkered pattern isn’t bad.

$225.00 in Oakland
“Hey what’s up guys – I am business chair. When you hang out with me, you handlin’ bizniz.” – Chair.

$195.00 in Gilroy.
Big ol’ patch of wonderful blue!! Looks like that cork board stuff for hanging tools.

$200.00 in Rocklin.
This guy is back lookin’ tasty and delicious.

$100.00 in Noe Valley.
Bucket seats need someone’s help to reach full bucket potential.

$350.00 in San Franny.
Tile top! Put hot food on top and it look gooood.

$1250.00 in Oakland.
George Mulhauser’s plycraft is spendy but oh so wonderful looking in these photo’s. Good jurb Seller!!!

$799.00 in Los Gatos
This seems like the perfect size credenza for someone living in the city!

$80.00 in Haight Ashboogery.
I love this table’s legs! So neat!

$190.00 in Martinez
This would be the perfect chair for my office. A bootiful sunny yellow, and back support that  will prevent my turning into the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Now hear this.

14 Jan

Favorite Cartoon 

I was talking about this cartoon last weekend and it is one of my most absolute favorites. When I was explaining it I realized it is too awesome to describe and is best told by itself.

This cartoon is directed by Chuck Jones. One day I will do extensive research about him because he is the freaking man.

Now hear this’s animation was done by Ben Washam,Bob Bransford, and Phillip Deguard. Watch dis. It is the best thing ever.

The animation is on point and the story is very clever! :]

Vintage trends store

15 Jun

Vintage trends is an online store full of vintage goodies. I am especially awe-ing and oooo’ing all dem pillows they have. Here’s a couple that I picked out that I thought were especially captivating.

32.00 INSANE flower power and colors of oppurtunity right hur all.

24.00 I think its the white fluffy stuff on this pillow that makes me think cupcakes. I am totally ok with having something in my house that is a reminder of such a delicious treat.

18.00 I have a square blue guy like this. He’s cool. Just sits on the couch and demands to be looked at. Ya know typical loud blue pattern behavior.

18.00 How adorable are these flowers? All solid and different patterns. Mah Mah. Last but not least:

24.00 BOO yah. I am really down for what people call “vintage ethnic” prints. They always have really rad colors, and patterns/loads of oppurtunity to add some color into your home. The store has loads more if you wanna dig around and find some you personally dig.

darn cute birthday cards

22 Feb

Angela R. and I share a birthday today and  as of yesterday, these were the cards I had recieved:

They inspired me to show my very favorite mid century birthday card (via I’lltakeyourphoto). Isn’t it adorable?

Craigslist All Over!

18 Jan

This must be the blonde wood and DEALS day on Craigslist. Lots of 1950’s style blonde wood sets that look in great condition, and lots of great stuff with.. even greater pricetags? Ohhh me. See for yourself.
No price given, but they want you to send ’em an offer. Rancho Cordova.

And here’s a blonde bedroom set to go with it! $550 in Fair Oaks.

$80 pink chair! I like that button pattern.

Remember this dude? He’s been around for probably 4 months! Price reduced to $47.00.

Incredible kidney bean shaped desk for $250.00 in Oakland.

Accordian style wall mounted lamp! $75.00 in SF.

HOLY 50s GOODNESS! $300.00 for this table set. Also the most interesting Capitalization Of A Craigslist Ad. In San Francisco.

ALL of this… for $250.00?? In Santa Rosa.

$359.00 in SF, Vista brand. How is this not $539.00 or $953.00? No Clue.

$85.00 in SF. Okay, so I don’t usually like rattan – but this time it’s an exception.

I’m going off the rails of this CRAZY LANE!  — table. $320.00.

$75.00 Selig in the city of cats – Los Gatos!

$70.00 in Mill Valley. Can’t really tell the condition from this photo..

$100.00 in Oaklandia.

Flying teak table for $150.00 in sf.

$500.00 in Santa Clara.

Or spend your half a G on this hutch in Pacifica. Hey, that’s where I’m from! Anyhow, $500.00.

Craigslist: Cheaper things. Good lookin things

16 Jan

Teak Room divider for 25.00 in Carmichael
Original post

Mahogany table for 50.00 in Sacramento. That wood looks gorgeous.
Original post

Desk lamp for 5.00 in Rocklin
Original post

Metal desk with wood top in San Leandro. There’s so many bootiful oppurtunites with the materials used in this desk for cohesive shelving.
Original post

Patio table and chairs in Sacramento for 100.00
Original post

Hangin mid mod inspired (?) light fixture for 50 OBO in Sacramento.
Original post

White desk lamp for 4.00 in Sacramento
Original post

30.00 for these four chairs.
Original post

Six chairs for 20.00. Seller will deliver within 30 miles for extra 20.00.
Orange (ha) Post 

Tanker for 45.00 in Palo Alto
Original post

Couches in Sacramento. Price isnt listed but seller states he has a lot more Mid mod pieces for sale.
Original post

I ama quote the original post for this one cuz I ama lil’ confused…

“Originally I was hoping to get $60. for this desk, and I had a buyer show up, ring the bell (which no one heard – it’s an old bell), and left because she thought no one was home. :( That’s my sad story…So now it’s been sitting outside, and it really needs to find a good home. Please make any reasonable offer!!

Desk is approx. 5′ wide x 3′ deep”

20.00 in Elk Grove.
Original post

I ama throwing this in here because it is booiful. 1200.00 in Sanfrancisco.
Original post

You can take both these couches home for 50.00. Def need some love but look like they will clean up nicely.
Original post

Prints around the internet.

9 Jan

Me and my husband have been retreating into our home, putting up the final knick knacks that make it that. A lot of prints/artwork went up in the hallway and I was thinking to meself ‘yo delfskies (<-that is my just now made up nickname for myself) you like a lot silkscreen.' Not just because my husband is apart of interval press but because it's relatively cheap artwork that is bootifully designed. The process enables it to still be unique, with all sorts of quirks that give you the oppurtunity to still see the artist through the work. So today I submit to you a couple of prints lying around the interwebs. Some of them are not silk screened but great looking none the less.

It was hard to just pick one print to show you guys from inaluxe all of them have great color, texture and form. Check out their shop and see if they got something there that really tickles your fancy.

We’ve all seen Sasha Barr on thee exceptionally kept grain edit and maybe you were like me, getting stoked over those soft colors and rough textures, and then thinking you will buy a print someday-then maybe you never got around to actually doing it. But now I say er offer to you to think about it somemore! Ha. This dude has a really amazing balancing act of soft and rough (PLUS COOOOOOOOUUUUUUTE). Oh yeah and that interview Grain edit did with Sasha is great. I aint ordering no one to do nothing (my mother says the only thing we really really have to do is pay taxes and die) but ya know it has pictures of his house and you might be into that sorta thing.

My internet pen pal paaal sent me a lot of great things from Germany last year. One of these things was a cute teeny babushka doll. This thing was no joke the smallest one was like the tip of a pencil. It made me so happy that now I just light up every time I see them. This print is from
Piktorama , and it seems like theres a lot of cute prints from that shop that will make you feel like you are walking through a field of daisies on a comfortable spring morning.

Me and Ben were talking to Nathan Cordero hm last week and the whole red, black, wood color affinity got brought up (nate uses a lot of those colors, and uses them well). Even as we were talking about them his eyes were fixed on a simple red tape arrow on the door. I can understand the pull. They really are a power trio of color. Even red, black and white are great. Basically what I am saying is I think this print has da good colors, I think this illustration is cute because of that silly mustache and it is done by Alex Perez.

All dem lines make you go whoosh whirl and whhhhhooooweee. *eye brow raise at self. Those big splotches of color are neat too.
Print by Delaflamant.

Yeah yeah I am a sucker for him. This print is being sold from NBdrygood from Etsy. It’s 68.00 with frame. You could also get a lithiograph print from C-HAP’S art studio here for 50.00.

HA. Roosters. Haha. Man I poke so much fun at the 1950’s Rooster fame that I laugh at myself for being that unfunny. Anywho this is a decent erm modern looking print of some roosters yo. Go all out.
Print by Mengelsdesign.

Craigslist: Knoll sofa 200.00-Reno

3 Dec

EEEEEE! It turns into a sleeper:

“Original wool fabric in okay condition.
The bottom part of the sofa pulls out into a twin sized bed.”

Original post

Craigslist: MORRIS Desk, Chair, and Mirrored Dresser Set

2 Dec

Being sold as at set for $550 in Roseville/ Lincoln, CA. So beautiful! (original post)

On the internetz: Motel Room Postcards

9 Nov

Flickr user roadsidepictures has an amazing collection of motel room postcards and interior photos. Take a look!

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