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Craigslist: Sewing Machine $25

6 Feb

Gosh, I really wish I knew how to sew. (original post)

Craigslist: Walnut dining table 150.00 -Midtown Sacramento

29 Nov

I wish there was more pictures of this little guy. Seller states that if your seriously interested she would show you more.

“A really nice dark walnut table in very good condition. It has been in the same family since purchase, and well taken care of. There has always been a padded cover and table cloth on it. We are asking $150. The chairs are being thrown in for free. There are 6 matching padded chairs. (One captain and 5 regular) They are lightly stained, and 2 will be repaired by my hubby. They would look really nice if you re-do the fabric (which is easy to do, just staple new fabric underneath the frame). With the leaf, it can comfortably seat 8. “

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Around Town: Thrifting in Stockton

2 Nov

We alway see great stuff posted in Stockton’s craigslist so me and Toni thought it be a good idea to see if there was any goods thrifting:

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Craigslist: table lamp – $60

24 Oct

I tried the huge lamp thing and it really didn’t work in my home. Maybe it is because my whole home is only 833 sq ft and it took up practically my whole living room. Anyway, I really love huge 60’s lamps but unfortunately I can’t get one. Will you please buy this so that I can live vicariously through you? Thanks. (original post)

Craigslist: Wassap, ‘Frisco

12 Oct

Okay first off I am offended by the use of “frisco.” No one else is allowed to use it, I just used it ironically so it’s okay. MOVING ON!

San Francisco is always an amazing place to look up Midcentury goodies – there’s more design obsessed weirdos per capita perhaps? Not saying y’all Northerners aren’t that fantastic brand of weirdo yourselves. That’s a compliment.

Alright, this is nuts. Going for $400.00. Imagine this in your living room, gah! (Original Post)

Same seller, different story. $450.00 for this floating desk checkit!! (Original Post)

$1300, o rly? (Original Post)Described by the seller as “groovy” and something about super powers. $30! (Original Post)


Craigslist: Atomic Mod 60’s glass ice bucket, tongs and glasses

22 Sep

A bit pricey spicy for me, $55.00 obo for the set with 5 glasses. Totally a wonderful thing to have for all you entertaining alcoholics out there. Or .. if you’re really into serving iced coffee. Eh.  I will say I love the teeny stand and lil’ tongs. Tong ta-tong tong tongs. (Original Post)

Craigslist Find: Retro Eames Era Hassock Fan

2 Aug

Retro Eames Era Hassock Fan Seller Photo

Retro Eames Era Hassock Fan Seller Photo

(Original Post) As I read the ad title I was pretty confused as to how a hassock – a wacky name for a foot stool – and a fan could be put together in one handy unit. But alas, for $75 here it is. You can find out what exactly it feels like to rest your feet on something blowing air up your shorts. When not being used for crotch ventilation, you can even sit on it perhaps?

“The concept is to circulate air in a room while providing additional use for the space taken up by the fan — especially when it wasn’t being used. These fans often can be run in reverse as well, moving air from about chair height and dispersing it along the floor.” (via jitterbuzz.com)

This model in particular was manufactured by Air Flight but looks a bit more modern than the earlier models that came in delicious avacado green or clear plastic – which I think looks like a blender that you sit on. Kind of a wacky and awesome invention, but not totally aesthetically pleasing.

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