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Interiors: The Miller house

17 Apr

I am sure most of you have seen the wonderful Miller house.



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Rose and Ben’s Christmas Decor.

24 Dec

Here is me and Ben’s attempt at an Alexander Girard inspired christmas tree. After much stalling and frustratin’ myself over the right kinda paper, and the colors, buh, I decided that it isn’t exactly what I would have liked it to look like…but maybe next year we will refine! That’s a great thing about Christmas…it comes again next year. So I have come to comfort myself in saying that each year is another opportunity to make it better. That’s pretty optimistic right? YUP. YUP. That’s what I am trying to be about dear Mimomito. We shall see how long that lasts.

Holiday Gift Guide: Modern Bohemian

14 Dec

01. Animal Print Shop American Buffalo
02. Pendleton 5TH Avenue Glacier Park Throw
03. The Savannah Faux Taxidermy
04.Glass Daimond
05. Braniff International Playing Cards Designed By Alexander Girard
06. Macrame Wall Hanging
07. Hanna Tea Towel
08. Triangle Baskets
09. Kilim Pillow Case
10. Maple Burl Wood Turned Bowl

GIT’R’DONE: Alexander Girard’s paper girl garland

11 Dec

Paper+Dolls+Wall+Art+by+Alexander+Girard+for+Urban+OutfittersHere is an easy holiday garland you can make out of Girard’s popular paper girl design.

DSC_0047First get your image to the size you like and print it out on printer paper. Not too small – because it’ll be tough to cut.
I decided to go with 5 inches. Don’t worry if you get it a lil’ pixelated on the print-out –  iz just going to be used as a stencil.

DSC_0048Cut out the image, or slice out using an X-acto knife.

DSC_0055Trace the image onto the back of the paper of your choice. Wrapping paper, craft paper, whatever. Just make sure it’s a little bit taller than your tracing (in my case, approximately 7″) and as long as you want your garland to be, around 20-30″ unless your paper is so thick that it would be difficult to cut through.

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Video files for videophiles

1 Jul









Craigslist: Fabric-Holland…yeah.

13 Dec

Original post

Original post

Sometimes I like to check what’s going on in the castle of Herman Miller Junk aka Holland-Michigan. I should stop doing it because I get really mad afterwards and that’s not healthy. But it’s nice just to see whats going on in other states. Today I saw this and figured maybe he could send it…maybe he’s into Paypal? So I emailed dude (yeah I was really into this idea an hour ago) and he was on board. Thing is after I got all stoked about the idea and sharing it with you I thought about all these terrible things happening like dude chippin some poor soul two yards or something and then them having to go through a big ordeal of shipping and yelling and then someone possibly shooting the poor messenger joe. If your sketch like me but are still into the fabric maybe try eames fabric

They offer a lot of different color options like this above teal (RAD) and some fabric from other artists:
Alexander Girard

George Nelson

Arne Jacobson

They a bit pricier but I dunno peace of mind-there is no price. For those of you interested in taking your chances check out that be safe post we did.

Around Town: Alexander Girard at Urban Outfitters

2 Sep

I forgot about these rad pillows and duvets until now, but while I was out looking for “pretty lady things” to wear to Rose’s wedding, I saw these Alexander Girard designs. Holy pillow-oly.

Girard is an american-born textiles designer who worked for Henry Miller and the Eames brothers. He has also inspired some fantastic fonts!

So head on over to the Arden mall and throw down $38.00 and gets you some.

via wilsonart.com

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