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Full of joy! Bear Rug coasters

23 Nov

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I came across these bear rug coasters from DandyTion, while searching for stuff to put together the ultimate table of my dreams (maybe your dreams too). They are insanely cute and need their own post. Yup. I hope you all have a Thanksgiving full of all your favorite food, drinks, and company!

Craigslist: Beautiful Dux Sofa and Chair Set in the Bay Area

9 Oct

This is a Dux couch that was in the seller’s family since its purchase. It is listed for $1400 and delivery is available. (Original Post)

Ohhh.. it breaks my heart. $1400? As my boyfriend put it, “too bad it is the price of a human kidney.” It is the same fantastic, amazing, warm-fuzzy inducing green upholstery that made me fall in love with the Dux we found at the rummage sale remains at The Verge Gallery. Some day my lovelies, some day.. you will be a set.

Our $200.00 Dux that still needs some reupholstery love.


A different seller is offering two cream-colored dux loungers. The fabric is a little tired looking, but everything else looks in great condition. $1000 for the pair. (Original Post)

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