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Around town: Thrifting in Monterey bay

30 Dec

Stoped at the goodwill in Salinas.
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Around Town: Trolling the 57th Street Antique Mall

5 Sep

Decided to go on a bike ride and stop being such a slob, but of course needed to set a good destination to get excited about riding to. THE ANTIQUE MALL OF COURSE! Where I will maul antiques with my eyes!

Wee away we go! Thank bejeebus Sacramento is so sunny and warm that we can still be riding around in shorts and skirts. Unlike San Francisco where I used to live – where it’d  be foggy and bummer-inducing. Yeah. I said it.

Also to note – Most everything is 20% OFF the listed price or more at the 57th street antique mall. KEWL PRICES, SWELTERING DEALZ AND STEALZ.

LET’S GET IT PERCOLATIN’. $12.00 for this stout man.

Alan inspecting the hardware. The base is a nice walnutty wood, which is repeated in the top of the lamp in a long wooden neck – which is being covered by a big ugly shade which has got to hit the wicky road. $45.00.

I guess this picture is blurry because I was excited. $340.00 for this drop-leaf table and chair set.

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Furniture In Far Off Places: Ohio!

30 Aug

Last weekend my boyfriend and I flew into Ohio for a weeks vacation of moped riding, smirnoff icing, Lake Michigan swimming and of course antique ogling. Yeah it’s not in Sacramento — or even California, but know there is good stuff far and wide. And I wanna ogle it.

My friend Abi who we stayed with in Cincinnati took us to an antique mall in Fairfield, Ohio (after ingesting some bummer-inducing Frisch’s Big Boy salad bar) where I was overwhelmed by the gargantuan collection. Of course mostly snoozy fine china, creepy dolls and a curiously popular trend in “vintage christmas” crap, it was a quest to get through. We had about an hour to run through the aisles before we needed to join Abi’s family for dinner.

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