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Aurelius Battaglia: Has no pictures and is unquoted

9 Sep

I recently bought Favorite American Songs from the Antique mall on 57th street. It was the best twelve dollars I have spent in a while.
The foreword has a precious tidbit:

“Whoever opens this book will find himself at once at home in some room of his house of memory. Here, to begin with, are songs which filled the country half a century ago, when a gay decade abandoned itself to tearful ballads, and was martial for a year or so, and sentimental year after year, and yet sometimes tough and vernacular:all this in songs which is outlived their first special vogues and settled into the general treasury of the nation’s music.”

Not only is this book oh so nostalgically written (nostalgic enthusiast<-me) it has some of the sweetest illustrations that I have come across in awhile:

Through out this book there is also full color illustrations. (*drool)
The illustrator is Aurelius Battaglia (say that three times fast…or even once). Dear Aurelius was born in Washington D.C in 1910 and attended the Corcoran School of Art.
He did a lot of work for Disney and was apart of some of my favorites as a kid, Dumbo, Fantasia, and Pinocchio. Mid 1950’s came around (woot woot) and Aurelius began working for United Productions of America. Dudes if you have time you should totally check that out too. The company came from a strike of Disney animators in 1941. The strike was caused for a number of things, terrible pay (Walt you dog), and Disney’s push for more realistic looking animation. UPA believed that the “further Disney strove for realism in his films, the more he violated the basic aesthetics of animation”. So they stuck it to the man.
Anyways Aurelius did awesome work while at UPA:

Check this out!!! It will seriously make you feel like a kid again waking up early on saturday morning to watch cartoons.
Heres some crap you can buy of his:

Captain Kangaroo’s storybook

A farm
Alright I am done nerding out after I share something free that some of you may be able to enjoy of Aurelius’s, this sweet mural he did for Mount Pleasant Library in Washington DC. WHO lives there?! Do you?! Go check it out! …if you want.

Furniture In Far Off Places: Ohio!

30 Aug

Last weekend my boyfriend and I flew into Ohio for a weeks vacation of moped riding, smirnoff icing, Lake Michigan swimming and of course antique ogling. Yeah it’s not in Sacramento — or even California, but know there is good stuff far and wide. And I wanna ogle it.

My friend Abi who we stayed with in Cincinnati took us to an antique mall in Fairfield, Ohio (after ingesting some bummer-inducing Frisch’s Big Boy salad bar) where I was overwhelmed by the gargantuan collection. Of course mostly snoozy fine china, creepy dolls and a curiously popular trend in “vintage christmas” crap, it was a quest to get through. We had about an hour to run through the aisles before we needed to join Abi’s family for dinner.

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