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Lunch Break

12 Nov

On my “freedom hour” I stopped by 57th Street to finally put money down on the couch Alan and I have been eyeballin’ in Cheryl’s booth. Here are some other treats she currently has back there. I’m pretty sure both the desk and the dresser are under $100.00 right now! As for the couch, well I had to get back to work and we’ll be picking it up tomorrow evening.

Around town:Thrift Town

10 Oct

Last Friday my husband needed a ugly sweater for a project that the verge was having. I’ve known about the need for this sweater for awhile now and have been putting it off. So much so that I forgot about it altogether. So Friday (day of project) I scooted my little self to my homebase Thrift Town woot woot.

Spray paint this thing all white!

Once there was a vase on craigslist like this one above (a’lil er a lot bigger) and my husband was reallly into it. So I bought this thing.
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Around Town: Thrifting in Folsom

5 Oct

Yesterday me and Toni headed out to Folsom! We only stopped by two thrift stores because the goodwill there is pretty outrageous. Packed with stuff upon stuff. Here’s some of the goodies we were able to uncover:

First we stopped by Snowline Hospice Thrift Store . The building looked pretty promising.

Really long coffee table in need of love and appreciation. All the furniture was 50% off!
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Give it up, Sacramento

28 Sep

Literally – give me things. Put more awesome stuff out in the street. This weekend I was in San Francisco for a gathering of mopeds and riding, and while puttering down Waller Street stopped to snap a “sick pic” of this couch. The sign read something to the effect of “$50 OBO take it away.”

The only thing I saw on the street in Sacramento today was a mattress and boxspring with a fitted sheet of questionable cleanliness. Who am I kidding, straight rancid, it was. Though Alan did find in the street this delightful (as Rose would call it) “little bean” of a foot stool that he refinished the legs on. So if it was you who happened to leave it out – Thanks! It you just set it down for a second and it disappeared – Sorry dude, MINE NOW!
There is a whole load of amazing furniture in SF’s “FREE” section of craigslist. Not just someone’s old baby stroller with 1.5 wheels or “free tent – mildew problem but still a tent.” Sacramento is seriously lacking in the loving.

Around Town: Antique Co. sidewalk chair hangin’ out

28 Sep

I saw them loading up the sidewalk this morning at the Antique Company on 21st & X and caught a glimpse of them setting this out. Eyes narrowed,  slowed down to scope it out, had to get a picture. Looks like a piece from the early 50’s, I can imagine Lucille Ball straight chillin’ on it. What caught my eye were the strange legs that looked like a swivel base. Stupidly, while standing right in front of the damn thing I didn’t check to see if it actually did rotate. There was no price tag, maybe that part of the sidewalk was the “make an offer” area. I could see this being reupholstered in a delicious and durable Knoll fabric and looking goddamn stunning. Bling blanggg.

Around town: Eco thrift

22 Sep

I attempted to head out to Auburn for some thrifting but freeways scared me and Eco thrift on Fruitridge caught my eye.

Eco thrift was crazackin dudes. There was car upon car upon car looking for a parking spot. I had to circle a couple of times and establish some dominance.

This kinda made me laugh, then nerdishly hide the coffee table I bought for some friends. My scarf didn’t cover too well.

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Around Town: Deseret Industries

21 Sep

I recently went to Deseret out on Auburn and did some diggin’ around. I had never gone before and my boyfriend actually had gone the day before and was sending me picture messages of some of the furniture. So, of course, I had to see for myself.

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Around Town: Goodwill outlet

21 Sep

Many thanks go out to Toni for referring me to the goodwill outlet! I checked it out today and was enthralled. There was some elbow pushing going on that for being there for the first time I just had to sit back and observe. But I think I have it figured it out. So’s next time I am completely prepared to get my dig on and be brutal.
Here’s some stuff they have their now that I thought was pretty cute:

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Around town: St. Patricks thriftstore

20 Sep

I recently went to St. Patricks on Franklin. St. Patricks is a little rustic looking but great for digging and finding a little piece of history that is sweet to your heart.

I really want one of these old timey t.v’s so’s I can put another t.v on it. I think it would be eye pleasing and hopefully make me laugh a little everyonce in awhile.

Look at the fabirc on that couch!

I lurve long coffee tables! Also peep that rad looking owl wall sculpture.

Me and Ben recently got a bunch of kitchen stuff from our wedding registry. When I see stuff like this it makes me wish we were somehow able to register on craigslist or thriftstores (I bet that sounds terrible). I am thinking if this guy didnt work he would look just as great with a durble and tiny plant inside him.

Now we move onto my new obsession sweet book covers.
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Dude, we got a Dux.

12 Sep

“Folke Ohlsson moved to the US from Sweden in 1953, and established DUX, Inc. in San Francisco the same year. In 1959 he moved the company to Burlingame, California. His design is generally referred to as “Scandinavian Modern” but frequently gets categorized as “Danish Modern” or “Danish Teak”.

A popular designer of the late 1950s early 60s, and highly collectable, Folke Ohlsson has been credited for creating the concept of knock down furniture, or KD. This is furniture which can be flattened and assembled at its final destination which makes it less expensive to ship.

Folke Ohlsson passed away Oct. 23, 2002.” (via lushpad)

We went to visit writer Rose’s husband, Ben “Squid” Della Rosa’s screenprinting studio Interval Press that had just moved into the Verge Gallery on 6th and S.

They had a rummage sale recently at the Verge Gallery and had some assorted miscellany tucked in the back roped off with caution tape. Of course seeing a collection of old crap I wandered in it’s direction. Between some amusing ash trays and beat up drafting table I saw a bright green chair sitting on a teak base. I of course grabbed my boyfriend to come look at it. As soon as he saw it he said “I think it’s a Dux.” He has a thing for Dux couches, and I could quickly note the urgency in his voice of “mmmehhh I waaaaant it!”

There are large splits in the arm rests where we were told that it was probably due to weather changes and moisture in the air – having the material drying out and shrinking and pulling apart. It is also in need of new strapping below the seat cushion, otherwise you just kind of fall in! The chair was donated by a family who sponsored the gallery and had bought it new in the 1960’s. The fabric is clean and obviously came from a caring home.

It was priced at $200.00, I told Alan to offer $100.00, and they accepted. HURRAH! Chair! I love the color of green so would like to see if some sort of repair can be done instead of completely reupholstering it. I e-mailed a photo to B&T Reupholstery who specialize in Deco and MidCentury furniture and asked if they had any thoughts on the matter and am waiting for their reply.

I can tell he already loves it and is happy to have a chair to put his impression into. Feast your eyes on these other mighty Dux.

Our same style chair in green suede (I like ours more)

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