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Craigslist: Colorful 70’s hanging lamp

11 Nov

I love the colors! Rah! If only I needed another ceiling lamp – or had a billiards den to put it in. Some day. $80.00 in Lincoln. (Original Post)

Craigslist Find: Thrift Store Find? Hoghair Ottoman!

11 Aug

(Original Post)

According to the post – this bench is 48×18″ and stuffed with either hog or horse hair. Depending on what animal is inside there it better make different noises when you sit on it. But besides all this hogwash – this bench is listed for $50.00!! It’s in a shop in a town called Hanford, which is apparently 3 long painful hours away from Sacramento. Ugh. From the looks of it this shop called Hanford Bargain Center also has an INCREDIBLE matching seat/table (top left photo in the corner there you can see it!) also for sale. I’m sure it’s ALSO for a bargain! Dude. Gimme.

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