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Craigslist: Matching Coffee Table and End Table – $250 (Midtown)

8 Nov

Large matching set coffee and end tables. Sturdy polished wood, a great set. Unique surfboard-style lip to the table top edges on each piece. American made Basset Furniture brand, 1960’s style, would look great in a Mid Century style home.

This fantastic set is also being sold in Midtown Sacramento. Only $250. Get it! (original post)

Craigslist:Couch-East Sac

3 Oct

ADSJKALSJDA! There’s like a green couch frenzy going down right now ok! I can’t even look at this thing. GAH. It makes me think twice about my green vinyl couch-ya know the kind that eventually starts sticking to your legs. I absolutely can NOT go home today and suggest purchasing this to the dude. He’ll probably have me committed for it. *Sigh
Oh gah. I just realized its tweed too.

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Craigslist: Have a seat dear.

19 Sep

Sweet orange office chair is being sold for 10 bucks and those promising blue occasional chairs are at 25 apiece. I really like the idea of having an “occasional chair.” It gets me mind to wandering to old movies with strict over 40 couples who pour themselves a drink. The lady would say something like ‘oh Charles-‘ and Charles would promptly respond ‘Its an occasion!’ I do hope this mind traveling doesn’t cause me to do anything rash like jumping on pretty dainty Danish chairs and that it just reasons me believing fully that occasional chairs are something that I do indeed need. These chairs are in West Sacramento.
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Rad: Log Bowls?

14 Sep

I was referred to these amazing log bowls from the Herman Miller newsletter recounting some amazing candy dishes. They included these ridiculous log bowls and damn do I love the look of a stump and colorful ceramics. Perfect for your grandma candies. $79.95, by loyalloot.com

Inspiration: UNNGHHHHA BUHHHHH GAHHH puuuke..

12 Sep


Dude, we got a Dux.

12 Sep

“Folke Ohlsson moved to the US from Sweden in 1953, and established DUX, Inc. in San Francisco the same year. In 1959 he moved the company to Burlingame, California. His design is generally referred to as “Scandinavian Modern” but frequently gets categorized as “Danish Modern” or “Danish Teak”.

A popular designer of the late 1950s early 60s, and highly collectable, Folke Ohlsson has been credited for creating the concept of knock down furniture, or KD. This is furniture which can be flattened and assembled at its final destination which makes it less expensive to ship.

Folke Ohlsson passed away Oct. 23, 2002.” (via lushpad)

We went to visit writer Rose’s husband, Ben “Squid” Della Rosa’s screenprinting studio Interval Press that had just moved into the Verge Gallery on 6th and S.

They had a rummage sale recently at the Verge Gallery and had some assorted miscellany tucked in the back roped off with caution tape. Of course seeing a collection of old crap I wandered in it’s direction. Between some amusing ash trays and beat up drafting table I saw a bright green chair sitting on a teak base. I of course grabbed my boyfriend to come look at it. As soon as he saw it he said “I think it’s a Dux.” He has a thing for Dux couches, and I could quickly note the urgency in his voice of “mmmehhh I waaaaant it!”

There are large splits in the arm rests where we were told that it was probably due to weather changes and moisture in the air – having the material drying out and shrinking and pulling apart. It is also in need of new strapping below the seat cushion, otherwise you just kind of fall in! The chair was donated by a family who sponsored the gallery and had bought it new in the 1960’s. The fabric is clean and obviously came from a caring home.

It was priced at $200.00, I told Alan to offer $100.00, and they accepted. HURRAH! Chair! I love the color of green so would like to see if some sort of repair can be done instead of completely reupholstering it. I e-mailed a photo to B&T Reupholstery who specialize in Deco and MidCentury furniture and asked if they had any thoughts on the matter and am waiting for their reply.

I can tell he already loves it and is happy to have a chair to put his impression into. Feast your eyes on these other mighty Dux.

Our same style chair in green suede (I like ours more)

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