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Set of 6 Murphy.. Mil — you’re in the shot, Mr. Wiggles!

13 Jul

I can’t express how happy this Craigslist ad makes me.

Set of 6 Vintage Murphy Miller chairs for your MidMod dining or conference room. Built in Owensboro, KY, they are in awesome, vintage, totally functional sturdy shape. Made of danish style wood, stainless tapered front legs, and naugahyde that is in perfect condition. $300.00 for all 6 chairs.

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Craiglist Capslocks: “ULTRA HIP RETRO COUCH!”

14 Oct

Calm down, friend! Seller is gettin’ rid of a black vinyl couch. 9.5′ long, this here is a big boy from Land Park. A big sticky boy. (Vinyl seems like such a sticky thing to place your body onto. But it sure looks good!)

Has some seam rips apparently that need mending, which I think may send one back a few buckeroos. $300.00 for your man cave. (Original Post)

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