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Craigslist: Eames Style Lounge Chair (Elk Grove) – fair offer

10 Nov

Please make this person a FAIR offer. I gave them an idea of how much I thought they can expect for an unstamped Eames knockoff. It sure is lovely. (original post)

Craigslist:Coffee table 75.00-Sacramento

20 Oct

I love how sleek and weightless this thing looks. It also has these really space-like designs on the top with one green dot (I like to think it’s pluto-that poor planet hardly gets the amount of love it deserves). Here’s a tid bit from the seller:

“Enhance your modern decor with this unique midcentury coffee table.
The panels can be placed in any order and can be reversed to show the side without the great design. It measures 45 inches long, 20 inches wide and 13 inches high”

Original post

Craigslist: Love seat – Sacramento

14 Oct

So let me get this…I would get the love seat and the chair?!! At a 100.00 dollars. Deals like this give me the squint eye and a lil eyebrow raising. Totally worth checking out.
Here’s the original post .

Craiglist Capslocks: “ULTRA HIP RETRO COUCH!”

14 Oct

Calm down, friend! Seller is gettin’ rid of a black vinyl couch. 9.5′ long, this here is a big boy from Land Park. A big sticky boy. (Vinyl seems like such a sticky thing to place your body onto. But it sure looks good!)

Has some seam rips apparently that need mending, which I think may send one back a few buckeroos. $300.00 for your man cave. (Original Post)

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