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Craigslist: Is that blue?

24 Oct

Leaves and leaves and leaves OH MY.
So I can’t really tell if this formica top is blue – or just reflecting off the aluminum door. But, I’m going to venture to say it is goddamned blue and incredible. Just know now, that the seller is asking $850 for the set. Here’s what they have to say:

My Parents received this custom designed dining table set as a wedding gift in 1961 to match their contemporary Danish furnishings. The set was designed by Paul McCobb of the Planner Group for the Winchendon Furniture Company in Winchendon Massachusetts. This is a perfect table for a small to medium size eat in kitchen or dining room. The Formica top is very durable and easy to clean and doesn’t scratch or stain like a wood top. The chairs are also solid wood with no cloth covering to stain or match to your decor.

The table is 100% original with its original Formica top and solid walnut base and legs that have been never been refinished, but are in very good to excellent condition. It has two leaves to take it from a round 4 seat table to oval 6 and oval 8 seat tables. The table legs are removable for transportation.

The four (4) chairs are also 100% original, have not been refinished, and are in very good to excellent condition. They are solid wood with metal on the bottom to protect the wood legs from wear. (Original Post)

Via modfather.com

Craigslist: Formakin’ Me Crazy. Huh?

14 Oct

(Original Post) Yellow dinning table and 2 chairs. The chairs don’t match the table. But they definitely compliment it. The chairs have a small patch on them. The table has a leaf. I think the table is from the 60s. It has a real retro look to it. Small enough for an apartment in midtown.

I’d throw in a few singles to have them keep the chairs.

You’re true blue, Ethel.
$525 for teeny blue formica table with all four matching chairs. (Original Post)

Craigslist: “Deal of the day?” Asked my boyfriend.

5 Oct

Yeah, yeah I think he’s right.
$85.00 in Chico. Side table for sale as well for $20.00. Let them keep the creepy Buddha head, though. (Original Post)

Craigslist: Mr. Blue.. chair. $40.00

24 Sep

(Original Post) $40.00 in Natomas for Mr. Blue – who has got the blues. So sad that something about his upholstery makes him look like a 90’s office chair. Mr. Blue so sad that someone painted his legs black and covered up perhaps some original wood. Give him a sunny room to sit in and a warm pillow to set on his face. I have a feeling he could make your day..

it’s going to be okay – we’re going to be alright..

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